Ships Do you still use your Sidewinder for anything?

I have a fully engineered Sidey sitting at Colonia. I use it for a change of pace when exploring in the region. Other than that I have a few in the bubble which I use as cheap taxis and just for fun mission running. Still a great little ship IMHO.
Not a long time ago I tried to figure out what ship size means for npcs fighting combats in conflict zones.
Yes, small ships is not easy thing for solo kills in CZ but can support allied npcs with various special effects, like corrosion and so on...
So basicaly I found out that sidewinder has its name intentially - side thrusters are just amazing even with faon.
It is possible to accelerate toward enemy strafing up(or down) and enemy just miss you with weapons.
Seems that the ship has lowest priority for enemies: very often situations when I was shooting at npc while it was busy with another target, it just ignored me.
It's quite perfect for hires bounty hunting.
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I still use my “free” Sidewinder, although only the hull and pulse lasers are original. It’s current value is 2.7 million credits, A-rated with enhanced performance thrusters. It’s mainly the taxi I fly to Jameson Memorial to buy new ships.
I usually keep a sidewinder handy and here's why. You see when doing a lot of RES bounty hunting, sometimes you hit the wrong ship.(read the law) You might even destroy a Lawful Ship. You now have a bounty. If you are like me you have a Sidewinder parked in some local platform that you can sneak into. Jump into your Sidey and head straight into death. When all is over, you can now climb back into your 100+ mil Bounty Machine and feel all warm and comfy.
I still use them for map markers. Bookmarks are in short supply and the red ship icons tell me where I'm allied with the local faction.
I'm going to use them to rank up my engineer reps. Fit modules to them, mod the modules with pointless mods until I get grade 5 engineering and, then, probably sell them. I might, possibly, have a bit of a play on res sites with the modded weapons and report crimes turned on, just to see what each mod and each mod grade actually does.
I used one to try to truck a thargoid probe to Sag A but got ambushed by an NPC pirate when I was drunk on gin and flying shieldless...
Like may people, I use mine as a shuttle to move big ships from one base to another. I'm tight and don't want to pay half or 4 million to transfer a ship.

It's engineered for jump range. I also keep a gas tank or two on board; no HPs only one heat sink. Its not worth anything but its a great little ship and I've learned some new uses for it from this thread. I will always have it in my garage.

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