Do you think we may get these skins soon?

I am awfully curious if we will have access to these skins. My thought comes from the steppe velociraptor, which used to be seen in promotional photograph to sell the game before it was released months later, if i am not mistaken, in patch 1.6 with the new challenge maps. So we have a struthiomimus skin that is not in the game yet but is in the promotional photos of JWE PSN store. It could be vivid for all we know.


Likewise there were these 2 variants shown in the promotional video waaaaaay back when they first revealed ingame footage. It showed a greenish trex with a light underbelly, and a greenish velociraptor that is similar to the steppe herrerasaurus.

I am unsure what type of skin it is. It could very well be an early build of the T-rex as it was the first ingame T-rex we were shown of this game.
I would love to have it in for its skin, if I were to guess (and I am a guessing man) then it would most likely be woodland or taiga.
i can Imagine that the Struthi have one skin thats still not there Not a dessert one maybe Steppe or Arid because the others are Allready there even Savanna
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