[EMPIRE] Do you want build something from the start? Join Duvals Pardis Revolutionaries!

Welcome Commander,
are you interested to join new squadroon? Start building OUR own place in galaxy? Do you wanna exploit everything ED can offer? Do not hesitate and join DPRE!!!

I founded this squadroon with idea of setting one of the Aislings controlled systems, Pardis, as HQ. What is our plans in future you ask?

Ok lets summarize it:
  • build medium sized squadroon (10+) of relatively active players, with relaxed and cool atmosphere in it.
  • try to set up our own minor faction in Pardis, and expand its interests through galaxy
  • help Pardis/Aisling/Empire flourish

What we can offer you?
  • mentoring - do you have any questions regarding game? We can answer them.
  • place to live - having system where you can store your ships and modules
  • help with missions - if you find any mission too hard i can help
  • relaxed attitude - we will not force you to do anything that you dont want to
  • optional social backgrond - in Elite you can sometimes feel alone, we will try to rectify this :)

What we require from you:
  • being pro-Empire, pro-Duval thinking person
  • setting your base of operations in Pardis (its not like you have to be all the time, but you should be in touch with that system)
  • giving our goals at least part of your gaming time (it doesnt depend, if it is powerplay, questing in Pardis, helping other members, etc.)
  • at least some weekly activity

All potential recruits reply here, or better go to the discord server https://discord.gg/4TEA8ys where i can offer you more information :) Joining squadroon should be well decided choice ;) Of course if you already choosen this one is your "cup of tea" send application right in-game.

Safe Flight Commander
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