Doctor Who DLC

I think you should build and add a Doctor Who DLC. There are currently three DLCs based on movies, and I think it would be awesome if you added a Doctor Who DLC. Please consider this!
I think that Dr. Who is relatively unknown outside of English speaking countries, though.
Many players who are not from GB wont know what a Dalek or a Tardis is (or if they do - like me- they wont know anything else about it).


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I do not think this is true.Just this list for example for a Doctor Who special :
If you look at the list under "Europe" you´ll see that there are only very few countries listed. In Germany it´s shown on FOX which is Pay-TV and not public broadcast. For example, the old, classic Dr. Who was not shown in Germany at all. Most of central Europe is not listed as well. No France, no Spain, no Italy, no Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, etc.
I know that Dr. Who is one of the longest running TV shows in existence, but I think its cultural impact is more insular and not global.
Maybe the players from central Europe might want to chime in and have a say if they are familiar with the franchise that runs deeper than recognising a Dalek or a Tardis.
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