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I'm not convinced by the look of the tripod from the new BBC thing, they've got blue LED's on the outside. I know blue LED's are very fashionable in sci fi right now but that doesn't mean sticking them on the outside of a tank is a good idea.

Still I hope it'll be good and not a soap opera with the Martians as an occasional menace getting in the way of Mrs Well's important suffragette work.
SCENE: Brighton Pier. The Couple are watching a paddle steamer flee to France over the horizon, as Martian Walkers advance on the port behind them.

Husband: "We'd have been on that bloody paddle steamer if you hadnt felt the need to lecture every refugee we met on sufferage, religious tolerance and diversity."
Scene : Martian gentleman's club Mrs Wells lifeless body is slumped in the corner. Two Martians in top hats sip at beakers of her blood.

Martian one wincing "I say, this bloods a little thin and bitter"
Martian two "Did we check it"
Martian one "Don't know old chap, they all look the same to me"
Martian two "I'll just pop it into the analyzer"

Martians drop dead end credits.


SCENE: Martian Command Chamber

Martian: As a genderless non-binary socialist society, we have been observing the earth for some time and are appalled at the conservative patriachal hetero-normative white society it exhibits. For the good of the oppressed minorities we must destroy the patriarchy and bring them into our societal liberal-socialist utopia.

*Heroic music plays as the Martians melt HMS Thunderchild, a ship crewed entirely by WHITE MILITARY MEN. On the shore, women of all colours and creeds, and men who arent white cheer and weep tears of joy, throwing flowers in the path of their martian liberators.*
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In regards to War of the Worlds:
It seems that if a film is green-lit with a relatively high budget, it is expected to reach a larger audience than just fans of the genre or original. It has to have some action, special effects and be somewhat relatable (translating to: middle class family with normal problems) in addition to the main issue. I guess that is to have something for the whole family.
If the intention is to sneak some classics in a suspected one sided genre-diet, I can appreciate that if done well. I am not sure however that it works, some people probably just disregard a film outright if unwanted genre-elements are recognised in the advertising or first minutes of the film.

I actually enjoyed "Judo Fu" Doctor (terrible I can't remember his name right now, right before Baker). He was kinda grumpy, too, and he knew martial arts! Too bad regeneration apparently erases useful skills like that.
If I am not mistaken, I think he could also talk Tibetan and the next one needed a dictionary to read it. Not necessarily the samet thing, I know, but probably just an oversight. These things have to happen if a project reaches a certain lifetime and number of people involved.

But there were a few aspects of the new show in which it was just said "eh, I changed the timeline, new rules." That weakens the impact of previous decisions made by the characters, as if they don't want to bother with established facts and later just need to fill time since their story arc won't really be affected.

I appreciate the time taken in the old show a lot as well (even if it could be trimmed just a bit), some one-off characters got a lot more characterisation than you would see nowadays. The fast editing especially during 10s and 11s run sometimes felt more like "yeah, we just made something up right now, don't think about it... oh look, a bird!"
I hope the BBC don't destroy that in one fell virtue signalling swoop.
I have read the original (and the other HG Wells stories) and have just finished the officially sanctioned sequel. Written by Stephen Baxter (great SF author in his own right, and president of the HG Well society). Set 30 years later and the main protagonist is Female. Which given the era must have been taxing to write. I personally thought it was a well thought out story with some interesting twists, so it can be done in a PC like way and not get all finger pointy while it's at it. You just need of the finest writers alive to agree to write it. Wonder if he's ever thought of submitting a story line for DW.
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