Does Powerplay and Crime & Punishment work together?

I ask because I forgot to buy enough of some modules I wanted to keep in inventory.
So off I went, looked at the powerplay needs in that system and followed to the letter what was required. I took down the ships I was told to, gained the merits required. Waited for tick over.
Now I have hour after hour of waiting for my notoriety to lapse so I can buy the weapons I wanted without the "legal issues".
I thought wrongly that poweplay actions was not included in Crime & Punishment.

I'll just have to sit for hours and hours (very immersive) because all I wanted was to collect the weapons. Having 12 Million on your head means I get more notoriety for killing the ones that interdict me.
Did I misunderstand something?
You should be able to buy the Powerplay items at any outfitting, so just move to one in a jurisdiction you aren't wanted in and the notoriety, etc. is irrelevant.
Powerplay bounties are totally separate from regular 'norm' bounties. If you have them and that powers ships scan you then they'll get funny, otherwise you can forget about them (or pay them off).
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