Ship Builds & Load Outs Dolphin Passenger Build Suggestions

So I have just recently bought my Dolphin, and am pretty new to passenger missions. I've done some research to try to find a well rounded passenger build for a beginner, but some of the builds have differing opinions on what is important. I also think maybe investing in the Planetary Vehicle Hangar might be a good Idea, to round out the ship and make it more of a multipurpose ship. Here are a few of the builds that I have found, by increasing price.


Less Cheap:


Any feedback would be great!

Generally most of the missions I've seen and run only needed Economy class cabins. They should be enough to get started with.
You can always upgrade as you earn.

My Explorer/Passenger ship has no guns. So less weight and power draw, means smaller cheaper size A- Power Plant, longer jump range, and better heat control. That also means faster boosts for escapes from interdictions. If you are going to boost like that, you will need a decent working Power Distributor. I used a small size A rated one, and engineered it a little, for Engine Focused to get boosting where I needed it.

The A-rated plant was good enough for heat control. But engineering it for low emissions helps the ship run cooler, and make it harder to scan- which some passengers want.

Some passengers hate hull damage, so a shield is probably a good insurance. It can be a small one. It helps with planetary landings, which can get rough.

A Fuel Scoop is essential for any explorer, so fit a good one and you won't be sorry.
If you are only doing short range trips, consider dropping your fuel tank down a size - makes it MUCH more maneuverable- but also makes the scoop more important. You'll fill up faster - saving time.
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