Nuff said I think but to make sure this post isn't entirely a waste of time. Maybe Poitou Donkey's could be included in the game? These are a giant breed of Donkey which looks extremely similar to a regular donkey, but bigger than a horse.
That would be neat I’ve never heard of or seen one. I would love to see a petting zoo dlc to wrap up planet zoo someday. Not a top priority but a must IMO. Maybe a donkey, Turkey, goat or sheep, and maybe a rooster/chicken.
Maybe the petting zoo 'hardware' can be included in the game but with the animals, rather than being traded or purchased, are rewarded in community challenges etc? Just a different aspect in the acquisition of animals I guess.
I'd rather not see domesticated breeds until we have more actual wild animals. That said I think a petting zoo/barnyard DLC ought to be on the cards at some point in the far-off future, since it is a staple of a lot of zoos.
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