Double fences

I would appreciate the option to place a double row of fencing, because it is tricky to place two fences tidily close together. To escape, a dinosaur must break both fences.

This could be implemented as a double fence at the time you place it, OR, use a similar mode to "Replace" when altering fence types.

Mechanically, it would just be two fences - the feature is just the tool that lets you place them simultaneously, with the same curve, and the game automatically scaling the inner and outer pieces to match. Possibly with a slider/option to set the distance between the two fences!
It could be a bit easier, but you can already do double fences now... Been doing it since the game dropped.
While it is already possible to make double fences since the game launched, as what MarcWP said, we could however, ask for a feature that allows an option during fence construction, to double the fence up, while making each fence a separate section. Makes it more symmetrical and more convenient.
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