Double Stations and SwitchTracks , holding pen

What i really like to see in game, is able to add trains to the track via a transfer track holding pen for trains

Another idea is Duel stations to 1 track

Finally BTR Switch track and Storage Depot.

I guess to adding trains to the Track can be automatic system, if the que gets to long. The coaster automatically adds a train. And When the Que gets more empty it will remove the extra train. This will give more control over que regulation and ride operating times. Also it adds to realism in the game.

Back in RCT 3 i always adding Transfer tracks and storage depots just for the looks cause in rct3 it added no function. But i think for planet coaster it will be great addition, to see trains transfer from the depot to the track to increase passenger flow.



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It sounds like an awesome idea to me. I think it was already mentioned in another thread, but you have a good explanation of it, with great pictures that show the possibilities. [up]
I would love to have split stations where I can run two tracks so I can load one while the other is unloading. Storage area would be cool too.
Yes please! Manta at SeaWorld has a loading station and although it's barely used because the park is rarely busy, it's a great method to handle busier coasters. I hope Frontier is looking into it.
Just joined this site, noticed in this post that the 2nd pic [rct3] is from one of my tutorials for brake runs and transfer tracks! Glad it is being put to good use![yesnod]
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