News Dove Enigma and the Enigma Expedition

Thanks for the announcement, Zac. And thank you to all the commanders making the journey out to support the Dove Enigma. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you, as well as fellow expedition members at Colonia!
However the actions of players who would exploit under these circumstances is base, childish and disrespectful beyond belief.

Plenty of beyond EULA behaviour has been demonstrated.

FD are not responsible for the disrespect so-called "gamers" exhibit; it's just a bunch of people with inadequate social skills and FD are not responsible for them.

They are responsible for applying the EULA.
Greetings Commanders,

Many of you will be aware of the recent delivery of Unknown Artefacts to the Dove Enigma, a prominent charity and memorial megaship relating to the Enigma Expedition. For those who hadn’t heard, you can find out more about the Enigma Expedition here.

The team have spent their evening investigating the deliveries and they believe the use of a known exploit is possible. We take the use of exploits very seriously, and we will continue the investigation. Should there be evidence of any exploit in use, we will take appropriate action against any commanders found to be using them. The exploit believed to have been used here has already been fixed in the current 3.0 beta, and the fix should be making its way to the live game when the Beyond – Chapter One update goes live.

Many of you have asked why a black market existed on the megaship to begin with. As you know, the galaxy’s background simulation manages the states and services of stations based on the faction controlling it. Because all dockable megaships are subject to the changing tides of the galaxy sim, the memorial megaship’s owner meant the addition of a black market. However, we also understand that this event was a finish line for the Enigma Expedition and in hindsight we should have manually removed the black market for a limited time while the expedition took place. We would like to apologise to Commanders for the upset we’ve caused. As with all our in-game memorials and tributes, they are added with the very best intentions.

This evening we have been looking into whether to take steps to correct that mistake, but I’m pleased to say that won’t be necessary. Thanks to the great work of our incredible community.

The Dove Enigma is ‘Experiencing Technical Issues.’ This means interference from Thargoid Sensors has been detected and – if not countered – will result in the shutdown of some station services, but this will not happen. From our view of the galaxy we can see an overwhelming number of Commanders taking flight in one direction and with one purpose: to counter the shutdown.

With this staggering outpouring of support, we are confident that the shutdown will be averted as Commanders arrive. Lend them your support if you can, and take part in this new and unexpected chapter in the history of Elite Dangerous.

To the many Commanders that have come to the aid of the expedition as well as the hundreds of Commanders taking part in this expedition itself: thank you. Seeing the community come together to support their fellow commander and support such a good cause is amazing for all of us in the studio. We’re sorry for our oversight, and we thank you for taking to your cockpits.
Thank you, sir, for your words, and thank you for acknowledging your mistake. Most game companies wouldn’t have the guts to do that.

Glad to know those of us trying to help have the overwhelming advantage.

Hopefully the punishment for using this UA exploit will be swift and severe. We don’t need that particular variety of scum in this game.

Have you considered a CG for this? That’d be pretty cool.
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Bless you Zac and all at Fdev on this one.

I'm still going to do my part to help regardless of whether the crisis ends or not by the time I arrive. As you say, once 3.0 goes live this exploit will be closed off, but 3.0 hasn't arrived yet. All the more reason to keep this going.

I also agree that this would make for an awesome CG, perhaps even with a permanent memento as an incentive to participate, such as a decal of the Enigma expedition patch.

Regardless, the whole community coming together in a stand of goodwill in the face of adversity will go down as one of the greatest moments in Elite: Dangerous history. That is something that is newsworthy.
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Thanks for the update Zac.

This just goes to show that despite a few bad apples amongst us we have a truly awesome community. Thanks community!
I am only a short way from the bubble. I'll be hitting the self-destruct button to save time and eat a 20mil rebuy (explore cutter). Then I shall be grabbing the Conda with a unloaded jump range of 62LY and fitting as much Meta Alloys on board with minimal other optional options.

Then will depart for Colonia, it's not about the money this time. It's personal.

We appreciate Fdev ongoing support and I hope the exploiters *if this is the case. Get found out, and banned.

Fly safe Commanders
It would Awesome to see some 'Goids dropping off some Meta alloys as a sign of good will... It is some of their sensors [where is it][alien]
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It would Awesome to see some 'Goids dropping off some Meta alloys as a sign of good will... It is some of their sensors [where is it][alien]

Oh that would be an awesome and unprecedented gesture of trans species goodwill, and also further the Xeno Ally narrative some of us wish to pursue and allow to emerge.
Hi Zak,
Thank you so much for your post. The thoughtfulness and passion exhibited by the staff at Frontier is nothing short of exceptional which is evident from top to bottom.
It's great to know the community, this wonderful community have responded in the best way imaginable.
Sadly there are always those that choose a different path. I could be angry at them but I'm not, but they do have my pity.
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