Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Dr Kajal Dua "Dinosaurs Of The Frozen Forest" DLC

This DLC would take place on a small island near the north pole. Your goal is to
A. Breed cold-resistant dinosaurs.
B. Create dinosaurs that are naturally cold-resistant, e.g. feathers or blubber.
The dinosaurs included in the pack are

New types of trees would be added.
Fir tree- Tree that can survive the cold, unlike the tropical trees you can usually find on the other islands.
Pine needle tree- Another cold-resistant tree, added for variation.

New buildings too
Northern Research Centre- This is where the meat and potatoes of the campaign takes place. This is how you modify dinosaurs to be cold-resistant.
Jacket Shop- A shop that sells jackets to the guests.

New weather (exclusive to this map)
Blizzard- Any guests/staff will need to be escorted into shelters. Any dinosaurs that can't handle the cold will die, e.g. Sick dinosaurs, Unmodified dinosaurs
Northern Lights- Will not do any damage to your park, but will look pretty in the sky.

New genes
Cold resistance- Will enable dinosaurs that aren't Cryolophosaurus, Yutyrannus or Ugrunaaluk to survive the cold.
Heat resistance- Will enable Cryolophosaurus, Yutyrannus and Ugrunaaluk to survive in a tropical map.It will change their models e.g. removing feathers or blubber.

New Terrain Options
Snow tool- This tool can add snow onto the floor.
Ice- This tool can add ice onto the floor.

Looks like this is my most ambitious idea yet. Anyway, I hope the devs see this.
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