Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Dr Kajal Dua "Dinosaurs Of The Hot Wasteland" DLC

This DLC takes place in a small section of the Gobi desert surrounded by mountains. The goal of this DLC is to breed dinosaurs that can survive in hot climates.

New plants
Palm Tree

New Buildings
Desert Research Camp- This is where the meat and potatoes of the campaign takes place. This is how you modify dinosaurs to be able to survive in the desert.
Drinks shop- A shop that sells drinks to guests.
Rock shelter- A shelter that you can place in your dinosaur paddocks to help them survive sandstorms.
Helicopter transit- The way guests will get to your park. You will have to place this down for guests to arrive because there is no way to get here from a boat+monorail combo.

New attractions
Omnivore feeder- A feeder with both meat and plants.

New Weather (Exclusive to this map)
Sandstorms- Will kill any dinosaurs without a shelter.

New genes
Desert Survivability- Will enable your dinosaurs to go without water for longer.

New terrain options
Shallow water- Water that is shallower than regular water. It appears in oases along with palm trees.
Arid rocks- Rocks that come from the desert.
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