Drew Wagar's Unofficial Elite Dangerous Astro Tour - starts 1st October 2020.

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Mark your diaries folks, it's time to head off into the void once more. :)



NB. Drew is not (currently) a member of the Content Collaboration Programme, nor does he have a stream deck. No Imperial Couriers were damaged in the making of this post. Lore/narrative subject to complete retrospective continuity change at any time. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is extremely unlikely to be meaningful in any way shape or form. Drew will not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from partaking in in-game shenanigans. NDAs apply. This announcement is an announcement of an event. This event is coming "Soon" TM. TJ receives all blame. This event is in the top 1% of all events out there. Terms and conditions do not apply.
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You will need a permit for Sol and for Alioth to complete all parts of the tour.
Recommend medium-long range exploration build (with defence for PVE if required) for the tour, particularly later stages.
SRVs recommended.
Stocking up on synthesis materials is recommended.

Initial itinerary plans, subject to change at this time.

1st October - Episode 1 - "The Solar System" (Mercury > Pluto inclusive)
8th October - Episode 2 - "Not so far away" (Nearby stars)
15th October - Episode 3 - "Ploughing our way" (Plough, Big Dipper)
22nd October - Episode 4 - "Summer Glau" (Lyrae, Cygnus and Aquila)
No Episode 29th October
5th November - Episode 5 - "Taking the bull by the horns" (Taurus stars and nearby star clusters)
12th November - Episode 6 - "Out hunting" (Orion stars)
19th November - Episode 7 - "In for the long haul Pt1" (Nebula Tours, Orion Locale)
26th November - Episode 8 - "In for the long haul Pt2" (Nebula Tours continued)
3rd December - Episode 9 - "In for the long haul Pt3" (The strangest places in the galaxy)
10th December - Episode 10 - "In for the long haul Pt4" (If required)
17th December - Episode 11 - Christmas Special at "Evelyn's Light"


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Hi Drew, I listened and enjoyed the past lore tour after the fact on YouTube. I hope i can make it to this tour, it will be the first tour I participate in since I started ED, back in 2014.
Greetings Drew!
I joined ED on 12 April 3306, so far done mostly exploration trips (IMHO the most notable following the DW2 route to Beagle Point and Semotus Beacon then back) with my trusty Krait Phantom Evening Star IV.
Now I am eagerly looking forward to participate in your tour with a fleet of fellows CMDRs!
BTW, for those who may wonder, indeed my nickname sounds much more appropriate for a pirate, but do not be scared as I am by no means one 😄
I am currently in the galactic center, rushing back not to Miss the meeting with you all at Earth next Thursday!
Thanks for reading
Cpt Mark Harlock

My internet is down this morning (1st October) and appears to be a fundamentally busted wimax receiver which is going to require an engineers visit to my house to fix. Unlikely to be scheduled today unfortunately. I will likely have to postpone the start of the tour.

I will keep you posted. Sorry about this!


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