Drew Wagar's Unofficial Elite Dangerous Astro Tour - starts 1st October 2020.

Great news Drew!
Sorry for the noob question ... do you have a private group I shall join?

Nevermind, I just send out the request to join the group!
Googling helps 😄
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I know which picture I'm using for my new Mamba's Inara page now :)
Icarus and Wagar in formation 1080p.jpg
First time joining, although watched the entire lore tour. Looking forward to this. Noob question: Is there a list posted somewhere that would tell me which system the tour will start in each week?
Well, just to say thanks for an interesting tour through the Sol system which I followed ingame from the start up to Jupiter - in VR, of course - and watched the rest on Twitch :)

And sometimes, I even managed to land in the same instance as Carl Sagan and could watch my trusty Formidine Rift AspX on Twitch as well 🍻

Looking forward to joining again next week!

So since I noticed the in-game clock is 4 hours later than my own, it's safe to assume American Eastern is UTC-4, or around 4PM my time, give or take an hour in case my calculations have goofed.

I'll make sure to be there, and assuming jump range isn't much of a concern, I'll be toting my prized Federal Corvette: Hero Leader.

Cheers back at ya!

Jay (a.k.a. CMDR Golden-Knight)
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