Drive Tyres, brakes, Lap events, and Smoothing

A few of suggestions pertaining to this. A lot of little things that could make coaster building give more freedom and just other polishes to the game:

First suggestion is make it so we can choose different particular laps for the brakes and/or drive tyres activate when you select that piece of track. Maybe an option to select whether to activate on particular laps if you are using more than one lap then slect which laps to activate on with a drop down list?
It may not seem like much but if you wanted for instance an impulse coaster to slow down before it starts its final lap or if you didn't want drive tyres or brake track segments to slow down a wooden roller coaster until it's on its final lap.

Second is to have an option to activate track triggers on particular laps instead of every time it reaches that track segment.

Third is can we please have realistic brake and drive tyre animations? The brakes are always just be static and the drive tyres always are spinning.

Lastly, we need to have something that'll utilize the smoothing done for rollercoaster like Grapefruit on youtube. Maybe make it so it does it automatically for us. Yes, I know it's not intended in the game but it would be amazing if you had an option that supported this and it would save lots of time for those who want to make those extra realistic coasters.
Example tutorial of this:
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