DSN & Paradox Wing - The Autumn Odyssey

DSN & Paradox Wing - The Autumn Odyssey

The Paradox Wing & the Deep Space Network are pleased to announce their first collaborative expedition :
The Autumn Odyssey !

Logo by Qohen Leth.

-What's the purpose of this expedition ?

During the Odyssey, the main character, Odysseus, didn't just face dangers but also visited some of the most gorgeous places. This mythological journey which aged very well keeps its magic even in 3304.

The Autumn Odyssey is a tribute to this tale. The willingness of two communities to recreate this journey mixing the dangers and beauty that Elite Dangerous offers. We will visit some moons with geological features that are stranger than anything else known and with physics that we don't understand . We will visit some radioactive planets and a wonderful black hole near nebulae. We will also visit all kind of stars : from the ringed white dwarf to the Wolf rayet in a planetary nebula. To conclude this odyssey with all these wonders we selected two waypoint which, we expect, will stay in your memory.

The waypoints were selected to fit the better with this concept. We want to share some discoveries we've made and some finds we did on the Galactic Mapping Project.

We will also reveal later an optional waypoints list.
There will have a massjump at every waypoint in addition to events and activities (VRS, meetup around geysers, fumaroles & asteroids).
Specs :
  • Bilangual Expedition (English & French)
  • Departure : September the 9th
  • Arrival : November the 25th
  • Total distance : 73,347.59 Ly
  • Massjumps for every waypoints at 7:30PM IGT with events and activities before.

Thread Français : Ici

-This expedition seems interesting for you and now you want to know what are these waypoints, here you are :

Waypoint#DateSystem Name EDSM NameTotal Distance
WP#109/09/3304Epsilon IndiN/A0 Ly
WP#216/09/3304Scheau Phoe NB-M c24-7Sapphire Veil7,544.70 Ly
WP#319/09/3304Bubble Sector LX-T b3-1Fumaroles in a Bubble10,185.17 Ly
WP#422/09/3304Csi+47-21046NGC 7026 13,034.66 Ly
WP#530/09/3304Trifid Sector OI-S b4-12Lucifer's Lair20,427.81 Ly
WP#607/10/3304Skaude AA-A h294Collection of Wonders27,315.65 Ly
WP#712/10/3304Nuekuae AA-A h52The Crux30,941.81 Ly
WP#821/10/3304Theau Pri FB-W e2-25Pink Marshmallow37,829.65 Ly
WP#924/10/3304Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390The Dryau Awesomes42,558.55 Ly
WP#1027/10/3304Shrogea MH-V e2-1763Black in Green (Tourist Installation)45,178.19 Ly
WP#1131/10/3304Nyuena JS-B d342Altum Sagittarii50,022.60 Ly
WP#1204/11/3304Eok Gree EG-Y g1846Janus' Vision56,116.53 Ly
WP#1311/11/3304Eord Blooe AA-A h344Smorgasbord61,286.91 Ly
WP#1417/11/3304Eol Prou KW-L c8-32Glowy Green Giant70,297.29 Ly
WP#1521/11/3304Kyloasly DA-A f69Sword of Damocles71,682.36 Ly
WP#1625/11/3304Spoihaae XE-X d2-9Monde de la Mort (World of Death)73,347.59 Ly

Here is the path :

Departure on September the 9th at 7:30 PM In Game Time. Meeting point will be at the well-known Mitterand Hollow in the Epsilon Indi system.​

The expedition is hosted by the Deep Space Network on Discord : https://discord.gg/yHEfZZG

For PC Players : You have to request the private group access on the DSN by doing the bot-command as explained in your welcome message by our bot.
For PS4 Players : Allcrowsareblack will host the event.
For XBoxOne Players : More info incoming.

-You definitively want to sign in ?
Here is the Roster link : Click here
EDSM Link :Click here

[table="width: 900", align: left]
[td]Cmdr 67MistakeNot[/td]
[td]Cmdr Allcrowsareblack[/td]
[td]Cmdr Kazahnn Drahnn[/td]
[td]Cmdr Alistair Hope[/td]
[td]Cmdr Mist0[/td]
[td]Cmdr OhPif.[/td]
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Normally I host the Xbox side at Paradox Wing but sadly I will be on holiday the day the event starts :(
When Im back I will catch up with you guys and gals.
Any Xbox CMDR interested in hosting the XBOX side?

Please let us know o7
Great Idea - although I´ll not participate, to sponteaneous for more than one long expedition (do DW2) a year... good luck, fly safe
Great idea, just added myself to the list, I'll be part of this expedition !
We had already met at Beagle Point. It will be a pleasure to fly again with you.

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Great Idea - although I´ll not participate, to sponteaneous for more than one long expedition (do DW2) a year... good luck, fly safe
We will see then DW2.

Umm, your "Distance from previous WP" column actually shows the cumulative distance from start, not the distance from previous WP.
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