Newcomer / Intro DSS sensitivity

I have key's on my num keypad to move the aim of probe launching to scan a planet. However, they seem over sensitive and any tap sends the aim reticule fuurther than I wish it to go. Is there a way of slowing this down? I can't see anything the scanner controls options.
The axis keybinding for movement will have far more control over the direct input of keys.
Direct input by nature of the feature is not accurate. Its like trying to play a driving game with left right down up keys. you are missing the "smooth" control you would get from a joystick or game pad.
DSS should have an option to use the mouse instead which should have more fine motor control then a direct input from the keyboard.

But you are correct, Elite does not have any further options on direct input options such as fine tuning how drastic the change is when a key is pressed.
I use a Logitech X-56 gray joystick to aim and fire DSS missiles. However my Tt Esports Black Element gaming mouse lets me set the desktop DPI on the fly with two buttons behind the center rotary wheel.. It also works in ED adjusting mouse DPI sensitivity. An example would be Look Around from dead slow to insane fast. It should work well to dial in the best DSS sensitivity.The OP probably knows this but my post is helping others who read this thread and don't know this.

Also with engineered grade 5 DSS expanded probe scanning radius I rarely need more than 2/3 missiles for 100 percent coverage.

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