[DSSA] Rudi's Ride

This is the dedicated thread of the DSSA Kraut
commissioned by the Deep Space Support Array Initiative.

Operational Status

area of operation
the vicinity of NGC 3199 nebula, Outer Orion Spur, 15 Kylies from Sol
actual system
  • green system (all jumponium materials)
  • all surface materials
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Notable Stellar Phenomenae
  • close orbiting bodies
  • fast orbiting bodies
  • ringed landable bodies
  • bodies with wide rings
  • lots of Bio and Geo sites
not featuring:
  • Tritium Hotspot (but who cares about Tritium ;))

  • Repair / Refuel / Armory
  • Redemption Office
  • Shipyard
  • Outfitting *PulseWaveAnalysers finally available! :)
    • offering cargo racks, mining tools / - utilitles, vehicle hangars and limpet controllers
  • Universal Cartographics
  • Secure Warehouse
Commodities Market
(last update: 08/11/3306)

As long as we cant set a commodity to sell and buy at the same time, Tritum will be handled as option trading.
When stocks are low DSSA Kraut will buy, when they are high its set for sale.
But of course you are welcome to contact us so that we can adjust the market to your personal needs or talk about rock-bottom prices ;)


Usually I'll fly in FleetComm PG
Communication with the crew is available via: Kraut-Discord | Forum-PM | FleetComm-Discord
Live-Stream: YouTube

Exploration Vessels​
Mining Vessels​
Hassle Vessels​
Support Vessels​

Visitors' Book
feel free to post into this thread when you visit the DSSA Kraut, also any kind of media is welcome :)
I'll try to update this book regulary
Jun 10, 3306​
CMDR annihilator_bg​
Jun 18, 3306​
CMDR Factabulous @ FC Ancillary Justice​
Jun 24, 3306​
CMDR Danny Vega​
Jul 19,3306​
CMDR Tsherr​
Aug 01,3306​
CMDR Lau d'Elleana @ FC Magellan Class Nautillus Megaship​
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Kraut Tourism Limited
"The Vicinity of NGC 3199"
  • Hotspots
Star Class
NGC 3199 Sector NX-T B3-0
H³ + VO
NGC 3199 Sector MX-U C2-6
NGC 3199 Sector LX-U C2-5
NGC 3199 Sector FW-W C1-4
NGC 3199 Sector FW-W C1-7
NGC 3199 Sector GB-X C1-6
NGC 3199 Sector JH-V C2-1
NGC 3199 Sector HM-V C2-7
NGC 3199 Sector ZE-A D11
NGC 3199 Sector EL-Y C5
NGC 3199 Sector DL-Y C2
NGC 3199 Sector EQ-Y C5
5 , 6
NGC 3199 Sector HM-V C2-0
NGC 3199 Sector HM-V C2-9
H³ + VO
NGC 3199 Sector LS-T C3-0
K (M,L)
H³ , LTD
NGC 3199 Sector ZU-Y C8
2 , 3
NGC 3199 Sector EB-X C1-7
H³ + VO + Grandi
NGC 3199 Sector EB-X C1-8
NGC 3199 Sector DG-X C1-8
K (M,L)BC2H³ , Painite52
  • Guardian Ruins
NGC 3199 Sector DL-Y D121A
NGC 3199 Sector MC-V C2-8A53 sites
NGC 3199 Sector IM-V C2-5B3
NGC 3199 Sector BV-Y C2B1
NGC 3199 Sector CQ-Y D6B4
NGC 3199 Sector XJ-A D1011A , 13B3 sites
Drokoe FU-O B39C7
Drokoe ML-M B40-0C1 , C2
  • Noteworthy
Drokoe NY-I D9-0NS
Drokoe GN-Q D6-2NS
Drokoe WB-D B32-01Hot Jupiter
NGC 3199 Sector DL-Y D13C5ELW
NGC 3199 Sector JH-V c2-86ELW
NGC 3199 Sector BQ-Y C27ELW
NGC 3199 Sector ZU-Y C2A9ELW

"The Neighbourhood of NGC 3199"
soon ;)

CD-57 312 / HD 89358 / WR18 (RL -> NGC 3199 Nebula)
Drokoe LN-T E3-0
GCRV 6100
Smoju DA-Q D5-2
MM Velorum
Smoju AA-A H0 ?
Sifeau VP-G D10-3

some shots of Rudis Ride, the DSSA Kraut and the awesome things surrounding it ;)
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(archived stuff)

Outbound Journey

It's maiden voyage shall start from Balante mid June 3306 heading into the Outer Orion Spur
following the route of Rudi's Ride where it will reside somewhere around the NGC 3199 Nebula ~15Kylies "east" from Sol for at least 24 month.

Waypoint 0

Waypoint 1 (2530.20 Ly)
Gas Earth

Waypoint 2 (4004.65 Ly)
Statue Of Liberty Nebula

Waypoint 3 (3036.47 Ly)
Eta Carina Nebula
Eta Carina Guardian Ruins
Trumpler 16 Cluster
Little Red Riding Hood

Waypoint 4 (3916.81 Ly)
GCRV 6100
MM Velorum (* if reachable with FC jump range DSSA Kraut will offer a ferry service - although I doubt it after a first glance via GalMap)

Waypoint 5 (3128.41 Ly) - Designated Residential Area
NGC 3199 Nebula
NGC 3199 Sector Guardian Ruins
Smoju Crystal Fields

Planned is to fill the carriers hold and tank with Tritium until 12th of June and use the weekend to reach WP1.
Usually jumping will take place on the weekends, as RL allows there may be a stint within the week occasionally.

Travel time will be somewhere around 5 weeks, or 4, or 6... who cares within a project span of two years ;)

Everyone who wants to join The Ride or just needs a passage to the east is welcome to climb aboard :)
Donations via Beer, Narcotics, Void Opals or LTDs are strictly optional - still wont be declined ;)

Itinerary (thx to http://fleetcarrier.space and The Fuel Rats Mischief :))
Skeggiko O2020-06-09 20:06:521 hour, 9 minutes and 8 seconds2020-06-09 21:16:00
Koirada2020-06-09 21:16:0037 minutes2020-06-09 21:53:00
Kairi2020-06-09 21:53:0010 hours and 24 minutes2020-06-10 08:17:00
5 Puppis2020-06-10 08:17:001 hour and 6 minutes2020-06-10 09:23:00
HR 8272020-06-10 09:23:001 hour and 23 minutes2020-06-10 10:46:00
Maiden2020-06-10 10:46:007 hours and 32 minutes2020-06-10 18:18:00
Synuefe XT-Q c21-122020-06-10 18:18:001 hour and 43 minutes2020-06-10 20:01:00
Col 173 Sector RT-I b25-12020-06-10 20:01:001 hour and 14 minutes2020-06-10 21:15:00
NGC 2547 Sector CA-A d122020-06-10 21:15:0022 minutes2020-06-10 21:37:00
Flyua Dryoae BW-O b38-02020-06-10 21:37:0022 minutes2020-06-10 21:59:00
Flyua Dryoae VK-T b35-12020-06-10 21:59:0023 hours and 49 minutes2020-06-11 21:48:00
Flyeia Dryoae RT-I c25-102020-06-11 21:48:0026 minutes2020-06-11 22:14:00
Flyeia Dryoae HE-F d12-312020-06-11 22:14:0023 minutes2020-06-11 22:37:00
Swoiphs AR-C b4-22020-06-11 22:37:0021 minutes2020-06-11 22:58:00
IC 2488 Sector GR-W e1-72020-06-11 22:58:0025 minutes2020-06-11 23:23:00
Prua Dryou CH-U e3-32020-06-11 23:23:0028 minutes2020-06-11 23:51:00
Prua Dryou ET-F d12-372020-06-11 23:51:0022 minutes2020-06-12 00:13:00
Col 240 Sector HW-V c2-42020-06-12 00:13:0021 minutes2020-06-12 00:34:00
Col 240 Sector MB-T b18-02020-06-12 00:34:0024 minutes2020-06-12 00:58:00
IC 2944 Sector BA-Z e02020-06-12 00:58:004 hours and 41 minutes2020-06-12 05:39:00
Statue of Liberty Sector FG-Y e52020-06-12 05:39:002 hours and 4 minutes2020-06-12 07:43:00
Blua Eoq FY-B c16-02020-06-12 07:43:0024 minutes2020-06-12 08:07:00
Col 228 Sector JO-P c6-02020-06-12 08:07:0024 minutes2020-06-12 08:31:00
NGC 3324 Sector VR-H b11-02020-06-12 08:31:0022 minutes2020-06-12 08:53:00
CPD-57 35202020-06-12 08:53:0023 minutes2020-06-12 09:16:00
Blae Eork DR-U c19-32020-06-12 09:16:0022 minutes2020-06-12 09:38:00
Tr 16 Sector ZZ-Y d162020-06-12 09:38:0032 minutes2020-06-12 10:10:00
CD-58 35262020-06-12 10:10:005 hours2020-06-12 15:10:00
Bleia Eoq AS-J a118-02020-06-12 15:10:0021 minutes2020-06-12 15:31:00
Graea Eoq OF-L b02020-06-12 15:31:0045 minutes2020-06-12 16:16:00
Bleia Eoq HF-C d14-172020-06-12 16:16:0049 minutes2020-06-12 17:05:00
Graea Eoq OF-L b02020-06-12 17:05:0022 minutes2020-06-12 17:27:00
Graea Eoq LR-C d72020-06-12 17:27:0022 minutes2020-06-12 17:49:00
Gria Eoq EJ-C c2-02020-06-12 17:49:0057 minutes2020-06-12 18:46:00
Gria Eoq YF-A c3-12020-06-12 18:46:0051 minutes2020-06-12 19:37:00
Gria Eoq LL-T b9-02020-06-12 19:37:0044 minutes2020-06-12 20:21:00
Grie Eop SO-Z e12020-06-12 20:21:0022 minutes2020-06-12 20:43:00
Grie Eop CM-P c8-12020-06-12 20:43:001 hour and 24 minutes2020-06-12 22:07:00
Greou Eop KB-W b21-02020-06-12 22:07:0032 minutes2020-06-12 22:39:00
Greou Eop XF-P b25-02020-06-12 22:39:0025 minutes2020-06-12 23:04:00
Greou Eop WH-E b31-02020-06-12 23:04:0036 minutes2020-06-12 23:40:00
Drokoe JJ-O d7-102020-06-12 23:40:0056 minutes2020-06-13 00:36:00
Drokoe TR-D c15-12020-06-13 00:36:005 hours and 44 minutes2020-06-13 06:20:00

Links to associated DSSA expeditionary events
sorry if I've missed your dedicated DSSA expedtion, please feel free to send me a PM if you want yours to be added to this list:)
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well, the necessary funds are mined obtained ;)
and all preparations are done! 😅

The update drops already on the 9th of June so we hopefully will be able to configure and fill the carrier with Tritium until the weekend of 12-14th of June.
This should therefore be the date of deployment for Rudis Ride :)
(If RL is interfering it may be postponed until 20th of June)

(op updated)
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^the minions are prepared. :D

just a fraction of my fleet is going to stay in the bubble, and some are terrible ripped to get the best modules into the minion ships.
Also I doubt I'll need them all out at the carriers destination in the Outer Orion Spur, but it will be a nice opportunity to reassemble a bubblefleet when I eventually get back ;)
somebody searching for a business opportunity!? ;)

buy trit.png
sell trit.png

come to Kairi A 3, FC is parked 17Mm next to Galindo Port :)
your welcome to fill it up :D

aah, come on... lets make it 10mio a Cutter load ;)
sell trit2.png

lol, I didnt searched for a nice price and was under the assumption that 40k for Tritium is cheap ;)
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Preparation is done...

DSSA Kraut is awaiting its maiden journey out on the Orion Spur in the system Maiden ;)
estimated day of department is today, the 10th of June 3306... :)
(just 2,3,4 or 5 test jumps in the general direction of WP1 if RL allows)
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I am on board and ready for departure. Donated some Tritium.
Sad that I'm not able to see who is on board...
Thx for the Tritium and welcome to The Ride. :)
In some minutes a server maintenance will log us out...
But if everything works out we'll be able to make some first shy jumps when the servers are back :)
Waypoint 1 - "Gas Earth" - reached.
(well minus 20Ly ;))... Moving the FC is pretty fast, RL can be timed in 20min blocks if necessary :))

We'll stay until the weekend.
Depending how much playtime I will get into the weekend we'll at least get to Wp2 (4 kylies) or even Wp3 (+3 kylies) :)
Hadn't time to scout the area after arrival but called it a day...
Ntl, in beta I found at least two single Hotspots:
Flyua Dryoae LS-W C17-1 body 3
Flyua Dryoae LS-W C17-0 body 2 and 3

Btw, we have stocked up enough Tritium to reach our final destination, so there is no need to mine, only if you want to :)
And as that Tr will be offered for sale at the destination let me first open a buy order so that you earn some coins with your effort :)
(but I'm not online until the evening today)

Also interesting would be some scouting for double / triple Hotspots for the Tritium highway, I guess :)
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