Dualing Coasters

I love to make dualing coasters, and I assume the option to sync adjacent stations will be in the game. I was thinking it would be pretty cool though if we could effectively edit both tracks at once, or to have information on the both tracks displayed (such as the speed and geforces) so that we can compare where they will be. Sorry if I haven't explained what I mean very well but I'm sure you get the gist.
I agree with you. However, I always assumed that the ability to synchronize stations would be part of the game. The new station design and lack of grid might make that harder. Hopefully Frontier is thinking of a solution! Most of the parks I've been to have a synchronized coaster. Some of them race and some of them duel. I like building those too.

In the older RCT games I used to make a ton of money to fund park improvements by building a pair of shuttle loops that were synchronized. One of the trains would be rear-facing. It looked good, quickly paid for itself, and delivered 2 slightly different experiences. It was a win-win for scenario parks I could put it in. I think this is a less-known use of the synchronization feature. Doesn't replace a pair of full circuit synchronized coasters, but it sure does fund their construction!
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The new station design and lack of grid might make that harder.
I would like to be able to just select any two (or three) stations that are not necessarily next to each other and have them synchronise their starting times. I always thought it was a strange system that had to be right next to each other in RCT3. Surely it would've been simpler to program if you just let the user select the stations you wanted to run together rather than have to find out what was nearby. [blah]
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