Abandoned Dust Buster: the space dust removal mod

OK to anyone who is attempting to do this.
It seems that you need to install nvidia 3D vision.
You need helix debugger.
You need that debugger to export shaders/test shaders.
Then you disable shaders.
It sounds easy. I'm going to try.

Ok ledpup how did you manage to get shader dump and test for DX11 elite dangerous? I can't get this damn debugger thingy to run.
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Ok ledpup how did you manage to get shader dump and test for DX11 elite dangerous? I can't get this damn debugger thingy to run.
I'm just doing it now. I'll write up some instructions on how to do it if I die before the next time it's changed, or worse, stop playing ED.

In short though the same technique will work. I've found the pixel shader. Should just a few more minutes to put everything together.
It's not looking as good anymore. The PS is 5a0ee5adb1328135 but all my attempts to change it stops the screen from rendering. FDev might be putting in safe-guards to stop any changes. If they have, there may not be anything I can do to fix it.

I can't believe they did a ship light indicator before adding a gunk-fix option (even in a config file would have been fine!!!!)
I'm giving up, for now at least. I suspect FDev have added an integrity check that finds differences in the compiled shaders (possibly hash-based). It looks like 3Dmigoto compiled my shader okay (says the logs) but it just breaks ED.

What to do:

1. Download the latest build of 3Dmigoto (3Dmigoto-1.3.12) from https://github.com/bo3b/3Dmigoto/releases
2. Extract zip into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\elite-dangerous-64
3. Run ED Horizons 64-bit
4. Go to training, combat mission (quickest/simplest way to get into a cockpit with flight-controls)
5. Search for the pixel shader by using the numpad 2 (The shaders turn off as you select them. The "star-dust" will disappear or freeze when you've found 5a0ee5adb1328135.)
6. When you've found the pixel shader, press numpad 3 to save the shader into the ShaderFixes subfolder
7. Open up the 5a0ee5adb1328135-ps_replace.txt file in ShaderFixes in notepad or some other text editor
8. Figure out a way to disable the shader and save the file - nothing I've done here has worked!
9. Set Hunting=0 in d3dx.ini (it's in the main elite-dangerous-64 folder, where you extracted the zip file contents) to turn off shader hunting. You'd want to turn-off other options as well, such as logging, once you were totally happy that it's working.

Other instructions are at https://github.com/bo3b/3Dmigoto/wiki/Using-3Dmigoto-to-find-and-fix-shaders

Good luck to anyone who can take this forward. I might try again but I've taken out a whole evening trying to get this to work and I'm feeling deflated. It took me a week of constant searching to figure this out the first time around, I don't have much enthusiasm to go through it all again.

The biggest problem I have now is that I don't think I can go back to ED without Dustbuster! It seems like such a great update too.
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Oh well, no worries man. I'm still just grateful for the original DustBuster mod that made 2 years of ED a lot more enjoyable. :) And thanks for posting a good starting point atleast, maybe someone will be able to fix it eventually. Just weird FD would do that, and even weirder that they still haven't made dust optional. :/
Ok i fixed one shader super cruise lines... moving to next one.
I will add option to disable stellar body highlight, ship in SC glows of light on top of both stupid starfieds.
Prepare yourselves for some real badass immersion when i'm done.
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But...I like the SC lines.
There will be 5 options. Each one can be enabled or disabled.

Also deleting shader processing not just creating null output, so it should make game run faster in theory.

SC starfield gone! Moving to next one.

Also it's updated shader 4.1 unlike old ones that were 4.0. I hope it won't cause problems for others. :)
Normal flight starfield GONE!
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Job is done! Where do I put all of my work?

Here's preliminary guide put this to ShaderFixes folder.

06b5574cbb67cb5c-ps_replace.txt disables starfield in normal flight
13c7cd6955a2b95e-ps_replace.txt disables starfield in supercruise
74a61bc54382d4d9-ps_replace.txt disables cleans your windows + possibly disables supercruise targets highlights (unsure if this shader does anything if enabled alone - someone try to figure out what it hides)
89fe00881332dc43-ps_replace.txt disables supercruise lines
e29d91120fc28c8e-ps_replace.txt disables glow of lights for ships and stations in supercruise also works as sort of windows cleaner, no more glaring space dirt on your glass.

e61a98e9d493cdea-ps_replace.txt for maximum immersion mode

testing individual options and so far it seems to be all working as expected

Sadly nvidia only :(
Does it work on AMD cards?
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Go ahead someone else test it. Works for me.
And probably needs more stable hosting than just my cranky ol server.
Maximum immersion mode disables all target body and object highlights so you will not see target circles on anything, not even time to arrival or distance.

GRAB IT HERE! (not yet ready :( missing 1 dll packaged wrong files hold on!)
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