I was surface prospecting when I noticed a strange dust phenomenon on the horizon. I thought maybe it was a star matching the same intense orange-red of the planet I was on, coming over the horizon. But the only one I could find was a dwarf star and it illuminates with a dulled purple/maroon shade and is in another area of the system. The main star is directly above me on a tidal-locked planet (or its orbit is very, very slow). The odd phenomenon wasn't there for long, though. Wishing I could have nabbed a screenshot of it. Anyone else seen this? Any idea what it could be?
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The dust cloud could be a gaseous emission which, while not contributing to a significant atmosphere, is visible at special moments in the planet's rotation. An example would be when the conditions are just right at about dawn or dusk at that location. You may have seen that.

But that would likely appear as a kind of smudge on the horizon. Might it have been a geyser, or fumerole in the distance ? Check if that planet has such activity, which might explain it.
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