[DW2] Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

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Arrived yesterday 15 May 2019

Big thanks to the organizers for this massive expedition. I hope the next time Frontier moves a finger in order to provide spectacular content to an expedition like this.. just like a community like this deserves.

Roster#: 2091
ID: 046-DW
Finaly, on 16 MAY 3305 at 19:34 UTC, the S-2708 "VIRGO" touched down at Beagle:

Thank You all for the trip. It was, and still is, a truly great experience.

I have met many extremely nice commanders and would like to greet some of those who will be particularly remembered by me:

Cmdr Luca-G
Cmdr Paul Edwards
Cmdr Rebecca Lansing
Cmdr El Blubb
Cmdr GamaxBE

Also I'd like to thank everyone who helped organising this wonderful trip and the hullseals who patched me up after an landing I should not have tried because of fatigue...

Arrived last night 16 May 2019.

CMDR Static Sprocket

Thank you to everyone that contributed to making this expedition possible!

And a special thank you to the Hull Seals!!! I made it all the way out to Beagle Point in my stripped down, shield'less Diamondback Explorer incurring only 3% hull damage -- just to have a thruster malfunction (somehow all the axis on my thrusters got swapped in my config) and I smacked into the Memorial in the BP system, dropping my hull down into the 60's. Luckily a Hull Seal that was still in-system at BP was able to patch me up.

Now for the long trip back. Fly safe commanders -- and careful around those memorials ;)
Arrived on 17 May 2019.

Roster 1630

A long journey. not wnated to have missed this one.
Seen interesting things, interesting people, and interesting problems to.
Now halfway of DW2 for me. Now we need to go back home to the bubble. :sneaky:
Thanks to everyone that organized it.
I've got to make sure that I get a better ship before taking on another challenge as big as this one, (27.5 Ly max sucks; thank the Makers for FSD boost technology. Now for the miserably long trip back to civilization.


CMDR =ADK= Dark Cavalry
Roster #: 13685
Arrival: 17MAY2019 (030018MAY3305Z)
Ship: Asp Explorer (DSS Absurdity)
Arrived 18 May 2019.

Roster #14556

Thanks for allowing me to make new friends. And also Beluga FTW!
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Epic times, we built a station and saw many sights hidden away in this giant galaxy of ours. Glad to have been part of it! Huge shout out to all the organizers, mass jump schedulers, and FDev for helping make this something to remember!

Arrived May 18, 3305 @ 18:27 UTC, 96% Hull

Now.... 65K LY back :eek: LOLOLOL I'm not losing a dime of these discoveries!!!!
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Arrived: 22 April

CMDR derekdjons
Ship: Verre Werelden
Roster # 9370

I learned so much from participating in the expedition, met wonderful cmdrs along the way and saw beautiful things along the road. On a personal note at the beginning of the expedition I was going through a rough patch in life. I still am however... the jumping, the people, the deep conversations... that and many more was just pure blissful therapy! Making it to Beagle Point was about planning, commitment, dedication and sometimes survival. Managed to transfer the same attitude towards the rough patch IRL... it helped!

DW2, Frontier, cmdrs... nothing but <3
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