[DW2] Distant Worlds 2 - Fleet Ship Showcase (Pic Heavy!)

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Here ye shall find the entire fleet of registered Distant Worlds 2 Commanders

Reviving the concept from Katejina's DW 3302 Cmdr Profiles thread, this thread is the visual counterpart of the Roster. You don't have to do anything to be featured on the DW2 Ship Showcase: the entire process is automatic. Just make sure the information you send in your registration form is correct. If you send a ship + paintjob combination that does not exist in the game, you won't appear on the Showcase.

When can I send my very own photo of my dear ship?

For now, the Showcase only uses stock hangar pictures, almost all of which you may recognize are coming from EDSM (thanks Anthor and all the contributors!). I'll accept custom photos closer to launch date, when most fleet members won't be changing ships every other day anymore ;) In the meantime, you can spam photos of your ship on this thread \o/

Why is it important to fill the Registration Form accurately?

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