[DW2] Epilogue, Acknowledgements, DW Speculation & Organisation

I’ve known adventures, seen things most commanders will never see. I’ve been To the top of the Galaxy and back … frontiers! I’ve watched explorers mass jump bound for Beagle Point and witnessed a Ganker Attack fleet burn like a match and disappear off the shoulder of Pallaeni. I’ve seen Neutron stars glitter in the dark near Goliaths Rest and helped with the construction of an Orbis close to Sag A. I have been into the abyss and survived. I’ve seen it, felt it…! All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to go home.

Thanks for the journey, it has been awesome

I had just started playing Elite Dangerous when DW1 was launched, so unfortunately I missed the first one. But reading about it afterwards and hearing all these incredible stories from other commanders, there was no doubt in my mind to sign up for DW2, when, or if it was announced! Luckily it was, and here I am, just a few days from reaching the last waypoint of the expedition and touching the grounds at Beagle Point! Both happy and proud to soon have made it and accomplished the goal of completing Distant Worlds 2, but at the same time beeing a bit sad that the expedition itself is over with all the fun and joy we've had along the way!

When reaching WP12, we're only half the way and I'm not even sure if I'll return straight home or continue exploring. Time will tell, but for me DW2 has been a "one of a kind" journey that I wouldn't miss for the world. I've got so many new friends since we started from Pallaeni just over three months ago, joined these awesome massjumps (A BIG thanks to CMDR Rebecca Lansing and all the other jump organisers that did an awesome job setting up the wings). Beside all this I have also discovered tons of new systems and places, some so special or rare that they will be reported to the Galactic Mapping Project.

Finally, I wish to thank all the Distant Worlds 2 organizers and also the Frontier devs for making this expedition the best experience I've had so far in my Elite Dangerous career!! THANK YOU!! :love:

Fly safe,everyone! o7

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Thanks to all those people for making so I could

Make friends
Mine (badly)
Mass Jump
Talk rubbish in FC Discord
Talk rubbish in FC chat channels
Talk rubbish in Chat
Listen to people talk rubbish, which made me.. all the above and repeat
Massively improve my enjoyment of the game during, and I suspect after, the expedition

Thanks to you all for your dedication and hard work, it made possible a very special experience for the rest of us!
Now I feel a bit sad that this is over. The feeling of community was really nice, the vision of the whole galaxy was giving a strange feeling of loneliness. Now it is time to travel back, taking a different path, and maybe taking the opportunity to visit Colonia as a next stop for a fresh coat of painting and maybe some nice decals. And it will be also the time to think a bit to the future, with the lot of incomes from the exploration data. o7 to the whole team, you really deserve a heartly salute and deep bow. This will stay in my mind as one of my best gaming experience.

A small wink from Cmdr Telgar Sandseeker.
While I still have 3000 light years to go, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, especially the worker bees behind the scenes who move mountains but never see the spotlight. This has been a dream come true and an experience I will treasure the rest of my life. Also to all my fellow CMDRs I've met during this journey, you have all been wonderful, and I hope to meet all of you again in the Black.
Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in something truly epic. I couldn't get to all of the meetups and jumps and couldn't socialise as much as I would have liked due to RL illness, but i'm so proud to be part of DW2, proud of the fantastic community of commanders and so impressed at the level of organisation from the team(s) behind it all. This will be one of the best memories, both inside and outside of my gaming life and I am so grateful for it.

o7 all you wonderful commanders! See you out in the black!
I'd like to thank you guys; kaii, erimus, and the whole dw2 organization team for voluntarily busting your asses to make sure us players had an amazing time. You guys did a hell of a job. This has certainly been the journey of a lifetime. I've made some lifelong friends and will have unforgettable memories from this trip <3

Sap drive charged

Before distant worlds 2, not counting the two or so months I formed up with the Mobius Exploration Corps, I played strictly solo exploration for years: Too shy to really interact with anyone. Quite frankly, interacting with others in this game used to give me slight anxiety (looking at the fleetcomm voice channel when there are a million cmdrs in there still does though lol).

I remember reading stuff about erimus hitting beagle point, and then distant worlds 3301 and thinking, "ehhhh none of that's for me." I don't regret any of that, but man was I wrong! I am so happy this trip came to be, and that I decided to come along this time.

From learning new emergent game play styles like skiing on rocky ice worlds to becoming an elite social butterfly, you guys have given me the chance to learn that exploration is more than just tagging and scanning: it's all about the journey. I'm clumsy as hell, as my new group of friends probably have learned by now via spending hours with me while I screw around in free camera or accidentally go full reverse during mass jumps. I will likely lose my patch and eventually drop and shatter my mug. But what I'll never lose are the memories and the friends I have made on this gaming adventure. And i have the entire dw2 staff to thank for that.

Sap drive disengaged

Before I get even more sappy, I'll just end it here. Thanks so much guys. I look forward to spending more time with all of you for years to come!


CMDR Eagle131, MEC420/3AX-DW
I'll remember a moment along the way where I met a few commanders out in their SRVs at a waypoint. Apparently I'd made a rather stealthy approach in an Anaconda - not being spied on the scanner and had dipped below their surface level only to rise up right in front of them. No casualties of course except perhaps underwear.
I have a question: what is the closest to Explorers Anchorage that this route will take us? I want to sell my data and spruce up a bit... :)
I have a question: what is the closest to Explorers Anchorage that this route will take us? I want to sell my data and spruce up a bit... :)

The closest the Voyager Trail gets to the Explorers Anchorage is the Aether Nebula (GalMap Ref: Eorm Phyloi OY-Z d37), which is around 12,000 LYs away from the Station. Alternatively if you follow the DW1 route instead, which is listed too, that will take you through the core as Sag A* is one of its WPs.
DW3 depends on where exploration within Elite Dangerous goes over the next few years. [...] But more importantly, a new Distant Worlds event depends wholly upon new content, features, and gameplay to warrant the sheer amount of work that goes into them. It also depends on having new challenges to overcome; like environmental hazards, new hard to reach locations, and more exploration-related unknowns to discover in the far reaches. There needs to be new galactic content to explore - especially in the Aphelion regions where there is a stark contrast between the variety of hand-crafted nebulae and star clusters we can see and enjoy in our local Orion Spur region, but that is nowhere else to be found in this galaxy.
I was a bit surprised to see DW3 speculation here, but yeah, it's something that needs to be said. I'll go a bit farther and voice the grumbling that has come from a not-insignificant number of expedition participants as well, aimed at FD: there was barely anything new to be discovered. Looking back on it now that the expedition's mostly over, it's true: the only new finds were the Aster trees and pods. Whatever else has been discovered has been there already, and not added with the Chapter Four exploration update.
On one hand, I'm grateful that the developers have stepped in and gave so much in-game support to the expedition. On the other, I'm disappointed that they got the hopes of many people up, and then let us down.
That the expedition was a success despite this is a testament to all the work that the organisers and the players in general have put into it. Once again, congratulations!

All this should serve as a good indicator to Frontier that there is real demand and appetite for more exploration gameplay(!) and content, from plenty of players.
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