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I'll have to say that you are doing an amazing job on the newsletter. I wait with bated breath every Thursday afternoon (it hits my inbox around 3 or 4 PM here on the US east coast). Mostly to see the photo contest winners, but reading what all the different departments are up to is really amazing. Keep up the hard work and thank you so much!
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Some more screenshots for possible submission consideration. These ones just show off the new lighting system so well, nice link to phase 2 CG as well:



Dr. Kaii:

I would like to submit this writing for the newsletter.

March 10, 3305

From the bridge of the Destiny:

My fellow CMDRs

We finally have made it to Explorer's Anchorage! Two months ago, when 13,000 of us across three platforms and all around the world set out on this epic journey, I was just another player with very little experience in exploring our galaxy (have been playing Elite for about a year and a month as of this writing), let alone playing with other people. I grew up in the "old school" console era, where multiplayer was limited to two controllers plugged into the 8 bit Nintendo, and unless Contra or Life Force or TMNT 2: The Arcade Game was in your machine, chances were that playing with someone meant secretly hoping that your playing partner would die so you could have a turn. Now, 30 plus years after I picked up my first game controller, I find myself in a connected galaxy full of wonderful people who are always willing to wing up and mine or explore together. My only other experience with anything like Elite:Dangerous came a few years ago with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I found that community to be, shall we say, less than inclusive when it came time to run raids or dungeons (which, for those of you unfamiliar with that title, require a party instance of 4, 8, or even 21 people to even attempt).

In real life, my name is Ben, and I have three jobs: I am a teacher, a newspaper delivery contractor, and a family man (which is the MOST important role I have, with my youngest with me, and my other children living with my ex wife two states away). My day literally starts at midnight and ends between 7 and 9 pm local time, leaving very little time for exploring the galaxy. However, when I do, I have found that taking video footage of the adventures of CMDR jovi_1981 and anyone else willing to share a wing or their own footage has become almost as fulfilling as being that overworked family man in the United States. In fact, I attempted to capture that message with a video I released this past Saturday (WP 7 Mining). Even though the videos I have been posting regularly do not get the number of views that other, more experienced content creators put out there, I am just humbled by the ability to make and share our expedition with whoever wishes to partake.

I hope I do not offend anyone with my candor, nor do I ever wish to put anyone out who does not wish to be included in the footage I shoot. I only wish to say thank you to people that I have never met in real life for the experience of a lifetime. And as a last thought - even though I prefer to play on PS4, I have the upmost respect for the gaming preferences of all of you and hope to be able to include footage from PC and XBOX CMDRs as well as my fellow PS4 pilots. Distant Worlds 2 has become an important event in my life, and I am looking forward to continuing the documenting of our adventures together.

Fly safe, and fly dangerously commanders. o7

CMDR jovi_1981 from the Bridge of the Krait Phantom Destiny
Hello CMDRs, unfortunately the newsletter is suffering another delay, this time out of my hands. I will do my best to get it out tomorrow instead o7
Newsletters are now going to mostly be fortnightly. There will be some more Discovery Pamphlets. The next newsletter is pegged for end of March
I'm posting here since until they give us an RP area. If you read the news letter (or deal with my rantings in DWII Squadron) you know me. I'm thinking of making a list of all the Cooking with Waukeen episodes. Just curious if it would be worth it.
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Aaaaand it's done, I've read all issues of the DW2 newsletters, each and every article. Just want to say thanks for everyone involved in bringing these to us week by week or fortnight by fortnight recently. :)

CMDR Shobah's articles are especially good, bringing the science behind this game closer to us. There are awesome little gems in these articles like that sentence in Newsletter Issue 2 where it is described how a primate might have seen the Pleiades. Just picturing it in my minds' eye was a "whoa" moment somehow. :)

I also very much like to read about any kind of statistics :) So all articles about how many ships were saved by the Hull Seals, how many geo and bio sites were discovered or that story about the mapping of 2000 systems around Sag A* are some of the best in my opinion.

The perspective articles are also really cool, and some of them might inspire you to find out more about them, like the story about Captain Cook and how Benjamin Franklin issued him a get out of jail free card. Never heard about that story, but I immediately turned to my friend, Google, to see the actual pass that was issued to him where it says he and his crew are to be considered as common Friends to Mankind. Awesome story.

Really everything in the newsletters is awesome... okay except, I'm sorry to say one thing... You see I had one "What the f..k did I just read?" moment in all of these newsletters. And that was the first article of the Cooking with Waukeen series in Issue 4. The article caught my eye because having almost 30 years of DMing Dungeons & Dragons under my belt, I immediately recognized the name Waukeen as one of the gods of the Forgotten Realms setting and so I was like: okay, what's this? Well, in short, in this above mentioned article a Thargoid baby is being skewered and fried while his captive parents are made to watch. To be honest, my first reaction when I read that was that I was going to write a "counter" article "starring" a human baby and their parents in a Thargoid cooking show, but I thought that might have been stressing my point too much and some readers might have been offended. I'm kind of sad to see such a writing in an otherwise awesome newsletter, because the message it sends somehow just doesn't fit into the overall spirit of this expedition. Or maybe I'm just old and that's why I don't see the humor in that story. But anyways in the defense of Thargoid babies :D I'd just like to say, Thargoid babies have nothing to do with their parents' aggressive actions against humanity, so please commanders, let's just NOT make Thargoid kebabs out of them if you come across them in your travels.

Uhh, sorry for the wall of text, probably no one cares about it anyway, but again huge thanks to everyone who made these newsletters happen (yep, that thanks even goes out to the writer of the Waukeen articles if for nothing else, then for the effort they made to try and entertain us).
Distant Worlds 2 Official Roleplay Story
During the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition, CMDR Wishblend oversaw the ED:RPG campaign, which included a background story, and incorporated the Fleet Defence Force vs Bandit Scenarios. The Story was played out across the entirety of the trip, with certain waypoints and locations chose as the backdrop.

Wishblend has created a .pdf of the entire story, and it is presented here for download as a DW2 memento.

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