DW2 - Organized Mass Jumps - Central Info Thread


JUMP 11: "Through the Valley of Darkness"
Departure from Waypoint 11, Sunday, April 21st, 19:00 UTC, Fleetcomm Private Group, PC

After completing our long trek to the Galactic Aphelion, the darkest and hardest part of our journey to Beagle Point still lies ahead of us: The crossing of the lonely lands of the Abyss. As we head out to our final destination, let us jump together again. We will be waiting for you at Waypoint 11, Luna's Shadow, on Easter Sunday.

UPDATE: Both instances are now at capacity with about 60 CMDRs signed up. You can still sign up and will be put on a waiting list. As there's always people dropping out, theres a good chance to get winged in even if you're on the waiting list. If the waiting list gets big enough, we may try setting up a third instance (no promises though). Please check the ROSTER to see the current numbers in Instances 1 & 2.

  • We will wing people into two instances for this event. The first instance will be coordinated by ingame text chat, while the second instance will be coordinated on the Fleetcomm Discord voice channel dw2-events-voice. You can choose between the two instances during registration NOTE: Instance 2 will also have ingame text, and there is no need to talk on Discord if you just want to listen in.
  • Please check this Forum post for any important updates after you have signed up, especially on Sunday. We will also post regular updates on the #dw2-events and #dw2-massjumps channels of the Fleetcomm Discord server to keep you informed. Important messages will be pinned there!
  • Further information can be found below.
JUMP 11:
"Through the Valley of Darkness"
Smootoae QY-S d3-202--->Smootoae ZR-S B 17-13, Apr 21st, 19:00 UTC, Fleetcomm PG

  • Starting now until Sunday, 17:00 UTC: Registration for the mass jump at the SIGN-UP SHEET
  • ~17:15: Wing coordinators start setting up the jump instances.
  • 17:30-18:55: Jump instance is set up, CMDRs who want to jump with us should standby in system & in supercruise to be winged in. Wing coordinators will start winging in CMDRs.
  • 18:55: Fleet mass honk, followed by final checklists.
  • 19:00 Mass jump to the target system (will be announced in the coming days).
WING COORDINATORS FOR JUMP 11 - Please make sure to check for the final list of your wing coordinators before the jump!

(Coordinated by ingame text chat):

  • Rebecca Lansing
  • Bolasie
  • Bra2S
  • The Sonderval
INSTANCE 2 (Coordinated by Discord voice on the Fleetcomm Discord dw2-events-voice-channel):

  • Dr.Nagi
  • Luna Valenwood
  • Scaleios
  • Diana Night
  • Mosta
  • Make sure you're on the PC platform and on the Fleetcomm private group, and you're familiar with wing procedures and dropping into wing beacons
  • Register for the mass jump event at the following SIGN-UP SHEET
  • Check your entry on the ROSTER to see which roster number your entry is at. Both instances have a capactity of roughly 60 ships. If your roster number is above 60, you will be put on a waiting list. Our wing coordinators will send you a friend request, make sure to accept them.
  • The wing-in to the jump instances will start from about 17:30 and will continue to about 18:55. Please stand by in the Smootoae QY-S d3-202 star system (WP11) at this time. You will receive a wing invitation from one of our coordinators. Make sure you accept any friend requests from them, so they can add you to their wings.
  • Supercruise to the wing beacon of your coordinator and drop into our instance. Leave the wing after dropping to make room for the next CMDR. If you have any instancing problems dropping in, try messaging one of the other wing coordinators.
  • Before you drop in, put 4 pips to SYS for maximum shield strength and keep it set up like that in case of any collisions. Be aware that other ships dropping in might me right on top of you.
  • Form up around the other ships in the instance and lock onto the Smootoae ZR-S B 17-13 star system (8.28 LY).
  • At 18:55: After the fleet mass honk, standby for final checklists and announcements.
  • At 18:58: Charge your FSD and keep your throttle at zero.
  • At 19:00: Throttle up and engage. Please do not boost, as we want to create a unique look from the colored engine plumes of your ships on this jump.
UPDATE: Instance 1 is now almost at maximum capacity. Please check the ROSTER to see if there is still room, otherwise, please select Instance 2.
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Don't use your boost button in normal space at meetups please. We heard some complaints about that.
Also try to not be late, there were other people wanting to get in but didn't signup while signed up people didn't show up last time.
I'm currently sitting in normal space near to the NS at WP8. Heard they will be winging up from 1830hrs
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Woops, I screwed up the time zone conversion in my head and didn't realize my mistake until 30 minutes after the scheduled jump. Doh! Oh well. I only occasionally manage to attend these anyway.
So we have to PAY to get a place in a mass jump from now on in yeah?
A bold brave move which may upset a few. I am considering the gold package.
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