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Alright, so this is it.

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Last entry in the long, long Distant Worlds 2 story (more than 600 days for me!) Following the closure of the official arrival timeframe I've crunched a few numbers to compare the arrived fleet to the departure fleet; and took the opportunity to cook a nice shiny infographics image to both summarize the scale of our endeavour and make it accessible for a general, non-Elite-obsessed audience. So if anyone asks you what this Distant Worlds 2 thing was about, just send them the infographics ;)

This is also the opportunity for me to underline that the Roster is now definitively closed and I won't be making any new amendment ever. I've spent another set of hours fixing various Cmdr info problems, but if by now you haven't picked up on a misspelling or something else, it's too late.

I'd also like to mention to whomever wish to hear it that it's time for me to leave Elite behind for good. Not only am I eager to close this chapter of Elite, but the game as a whole simply doesn't have anything to keep me around anymore -- which will come as a surprise to hardly anybody who's been around for 3 years and more --, among other reasons. I may drop back when Elite 4.0 arrives, but until then anything can happen. I'll still be on FleetComm of course, and some other places, but my ship has powered off somewhere in Beagle Point and Cmdr Qohen Leth has entered cryo-sleep for a long time! So enjoy those numbers (#spr3adsh33tsrul3) and fly safe, Cmdrs. Peace out o7 ✌


Official total number of arrivals: 3,747 (27.52%)

DW 3302 Veterans [DEPARTURE]DWE Veteran [ARRIVED]

Beagle Point Veterans* [DEPARTURE]Beagle Point Veterans [ARRIVED]count BP Veteran

*This means: people who had been to BP prior to DW2; DW2 doesn't count.

Platform [DEPARTURE]Platform [ARRIVED]

Ship Type Ranking [DEPARTURE]Ship Type Ranking [ARRIVED]
Asp Explorer335524.66%55.59Krait Phantom74719.94%58.09
Krait Phantom200314.72%49.53Asp Explorer70718.87%48.78
Diamondback Explorer11648.56%46.82Krait Mk II2075.53%46.77
Krait Mk II6654.89%44.19Diamondback Explorer1804.81%50.96
Imperial Cutter3122.30%43.59Beluga Liner1143.05%48.79
Python2982.19%43.5Imperial Cutter1032.75%43.41
Beluga Liner2762.03%41.21Python762.03%43.48
Cobra Mk III2221.64%39.86Orca461.23%55.10
Federal Corvette1561.15%38.92Federal Corvette421.13%35.06
Orca1521.12%37.85Type-10 Defender381.02%38.14
Imperial Clipper1320.97%37.81Imperial Clipper360.97%41.53
Dolphin950.70%37.24Type-9 Heavy300.81%38.87
Type-10 Defender950.70%35.26Cobra Mk III220.59%34.55
Type-9 Heavy810.60%33.84Dolphin190.51%45.54
Type-6 Transporter700.52%33.82Imperial Courier180.49%46.50
Sidewinder Mk I660.49%33.23Type-7 Transporter150.41%48.52
Type-7 Transporter630.47%32.12Type-6 Transporter70.19%47.45
Imperial Courier530.39%31.42Sidewinder Mk I60.17%33.56
Viper Mk IV420.31%30.81Cobra Mk IV50.14%37.46
Alliance Chieftain330.25%30.17Viper Mk IV50.14%34.84
Asp Scout270.20%28.57Adder30.09%35.89
Cobra Mk IV270.20%27.41Asp Scout30.09%45.06
Diamondback Scout250.19%27.3Eagle Mk II30.09%32.21
Keelback250.19%26.3Imperial Eagle30.09%33.14
Eagle Mk II220.17%25.98Alliance Chieftain20.06%40.54
Mamba200.15%25.93Diamondback Scout20.06%40.28
Viper Mk III160.12%24.84Hauler20.06%37.47
Vulture110.09%22.51Viper Mk III20.06%46.26
Alliance Challenger100.08%22.01Vulture20.06%35.88
Imperial Eagle90.07%21.73Alliance Challenger10.03%23.96
Federal Dropship80.06%21.52Alliance Crusader10.03%22.05
Federal Assault Ship60.05%17.78Federal Assault Ship10.03%37.20
Alliance Crusader50.04%17.77Federal Gunship10.03%40.09
Federal Gunship40.03%17.47

Almost all ship types had at least one representant at BP, with the exception of the Federal Dropship.

The average jump range of the Fleet was 47ly at the start, but interestingly the average jump range of the arrived Fleet is 40.78ly. So it looks like in the end, the lower jump ranges had more patience and motivation than the higher ones...
Amazing work as always Qohen!

Has it been 600 days since that first announcement that DW2 was in the works? Wow, its almost like it was yesterday. I personally want to thank you for everything you did, from those early days when the roster, fleet roles, projects and ideas of what DW2 would be about started being formed, then to see it all come together and grow into something we would never have guessed at (back in the day I think it was said that we'd be happy if 3,000 people signed up didn't we?). But to see it through and see how many people took part and enjoy what this community is capable of, has been amazing.

Its been an honour and a privilege working alongside you and Dr Kaii and to have you both a part of the amazing DW2 team.

Sorry to see you going into retirement with Elite, but I know how you feel. I hope this game continues to evolve, and someday brings us the features and content that will take something like DW (and all expeditions) to another level. Maybe that will tempt you back! Until then, fly safe mate o7.
You've always been a top member of this community, and I'll always remember the good times. You have my respect, and friendship.
I understand your waning to exit stage right...
Fly safe Qohen Leth, Distant Worlds Orgasniser-General, CCN Custodian, Explorer
It's absolutely amazing to see all of those numbers. Thank you so much for the work you've done, and don't take too long in returning. ;)
I'm one of the Krait mkII non-dw1 veterans & non-beagle point veteran to made it on PC :)

Now it will take me months to sort my screenshots and put a nice gallery online, but it will happen, eventually.
Thank you so much for all your creations, for your effort and talent, for the time you have spent, for everything you have given to the exploration community over the years - and for being a great person! Even if you currently seek new pastures I hope we will be able to fly together and work together on awesome projects again some time and some where in the future.

All the best!
Nice work! But can anyone explain how the 90'000 km2 are calculated? That would mean that the average ship measured more than 2x2km!
What a great event, and the work around by the organizers was and still is amazing. It was such an amazing experience.

o7 o/ o> to all cmdrs who made it.
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