[DW2] Sudden Mystery Expedition


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DW2 Sudden Mystery Expedition

PLEASE NOTE! This is a one way trip, and you will need to scuttle at the end. You also need a 62ly vessel. We understand this isn't for everyone, and if you read below please do note that this is not an official waypoint of DW2, just a practice run, and a small challenge, a chance to make friends via multicrew if you can't make it directly, and excuse to go somewhere new and cool. I have made a post for those that receive this negatively, over here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/437300-DW2-Sudden-Mystery-Expedition?p=6846829&viewfull=1#post6846829


The recent introduction of FSD Boosters, along with refined engineering techniques allowing commanders to squeeze every last bit of range out of their ships, has opened up an opportunity for more explorers to visit a previously hard to reach location

Nobody expected it and so we couldn't know how to prepare. But here we are. So I need to ask you to do something difficult, with almost no time to do it, and I can assure you it's going to be worth it. Knowing you lot, that last sentence will more likely elicit a squeal of excitement than a groan, and that's why I love you (not even platonically).

Erimus and I cordially invite the entire Distant Worlds 2 roster to come on a surprise expedition, with only the sparsest of information. I don't know how many of you can make it, I know there are many explorers already out in the depths on other expeditions, and I know the notice is short, but this is something worth doing for those who are still around the Orion Spur region! For those not around, we REALLY WANT you to come via multicrew, so please continue reading.

This is
not an official Distant Worlds 2 waypoint, but you can certainly consider it a "practice" waypoint. And I would like to see it as a kind of "beginning" to Distant Worlds 2, because I like a good solid beginning to things, and I can't think of a gooder solider beginning than this.

That being said, once again, let me emphasise, this is NOT an official waypoint. If you miss this, you didn't miss anything that is part of the DW2 expedition proper, you will still get the full Distant Worlds canon experience when the official event launches after the Q4 update.

That being said, let's use this as an opportunity to practice fleet operations. The roster is approaching 3,000 commanders now, and nobody knows how to produce cohesion amongst that many across an instancing system (if you do, please contact me!), and I can at least tell you that such cohesion can only come about if everyone chips in, so it's a good idea to go on a practice run!

There can't be a better practice run than this. If you come, I would like everyone to focus on the following:

  • Communication Getting the word out. A lot of what is happening has to be spread through a large number of people across a lot of instances, various communications media, and much of it happens through "word of mouth", so we will deliberately be drilling instructions that are not given to everyone as they happen, but only some people, and watching everyone practice getting the word out.
  • Multicrew There will very likely be hard-to-reach places on the official DW2 expedition later this year and not everyone will have the range to visit them, so we want to establish a good multi-crew network. You can practice recruiting and joining eachother, and I want to strongly encourage anyone who can't make it to at least come along anyway via the multicrew option. It's a good chance to make some wing mates!
  • Scrambling at a moment's notice The very definition of this little sortie. This is the kind of thing that could happen all the time on DW2, so how you respond to this is a good measure of what we need to work on for the main sortie of all sorties, DW2.
  • Sacrifice This is a one way trip guys. Yep. I know I have a habit of sending people to their death, but it's a good opportunity to learn to be comfortable with sacrifice. Many things can go wrong on DW2, and many people crash and have to go back to the beginning. Sacrifice is part and parcel of it all.
  • Self control We are heading into a region that is relatively untagged. The temptation to break off and rush home to hand in data will be strong. But sticking with the fleet is very important.
  • General fleet operations Being part of an instance-fragmented fleet is full of challenges, from making the meet ups, finding the locations, flying safely, making friends, knowing who is who, dealing with bugs and so much more.
  • Not for me As has come up in this topic, DW accommodates lots of playstyles, including some that are mutually exclusive, and will almost inevitably contain sub-events that are not for everyone, which is perfectly fine

Ok so what are we doing?

: TBA, under 100 jumps
Jump range requirements: A comfortable 62ly
Date: Sunday 8th July - 6pm UK time (5pm UTC)
Mat requirements: None
Module requirements: None, but SRV and SLF are always fun.
NPC Crew: Leave them behind!

See the Distant Stars Expedition for something similar! https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/299902-Distant-Stars-Unfound-Origins-a-Distant-Worlds-saga-expedition

Oh what, you want more info? Sigh ok. If you like surprises, read as little as you can.

We are going somewhere amazing. It is a single system. It's not a long expedition, will be officially over by the evening (although I'm sure we will party until the dawn). It's a one way trip. To avoid spoilers, a location will be mentioned sometime on Sunday, somewhere across our comms networks, and it will be up to you to share it, make sure everyone knows and then head there for 17:00 Gametime. Our destination is within 100 jumps for an Anaconda-class starship engineered for long range jumping. From there, the following jump destinations will be revealed bit by bit, in various ways to help everyone practice comms and information spreading. Around 17:30 Gametime we will make the final jump of no return and hopefully find a system that actually has some cool stuff (neither myself or Erimus have been yet, so we genuinely don't know). At some point there will be a group scuttle, and it will be over and you can return to life as normal.

Is that enough? No? Ok fine but this last bit is really important so please pay attention:

As above, it's not an official part of DW2 but it's an unofficial part so I'd like to strongly encourage people to come. Given the requirements, I am not expecting a huge turn out, but I want to urge those who can't make it to join someone else in multicrew. It's only an afternoon's expedition, so why not? Let's go in droves! There will be a channel in the Fleetcomm discord to help put people together. More info about that will be in Post 2.

Official Video:

I really wanted to make a video but I didn't have time, but thankfully Iso made a video far better than I could have so here you go!

<span style="font-family: verdana">[video=youtube_share;GQm79ow5PVg]https://youtu.be/GQm79ow5PVg[/video]

Please note that this is a precursor to Distant Worlds II, and is not part of any DW2 waypoint or itinerary. This is an impromptu short range excursion just beyond the Orion Spur. Its a chance for the organisation team to test a few coordination and organisation issues before the main event (scheduled for the Q4 update).

Participants are encouraged to join the FleetComm Discord server. This is where information regarding this excursion (as well as info on Distant Worlds II later this year) will be posted.

There are two channels on there dedicated to this event:

  • #engineering (for help on upgrading your ship to reach the maximum attainable jump range).
  • #multicrew-matchmaking (for players looking to act as crew aboard a participants ship).
This event will be held in the FleetComm Private group for PC players. Information on how to join can be found here : FleetComm PG

For info on the Xbox aspect of this event, please PM JT442...and Allcrowsareblack for PS4.

Official Twitter : twitter.com/drkaii

The event will be livestreamed here:

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I knew it had to be a one way trip! I'll see if I can refit my Anaconda in time.

Question - is the 73.5ly required also counting an FSD boost into the mix? If not, I could bring my AspX instead. Pretty sure I could get my DSE AspX up to 70ly.
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Intriguing! I've promoted this in "Best of Forum" for ya!

P.S. you might want to check the OP using the Official Frontier forum theme ... pale grey text on a white background!
Its Kaii and his Krazy ideas. Of course its one way! :O

My NPC crew hate me leaving home without them. *sigh*
I finally crashed my ship into the Anaconda Graveyard on July 4th of last year. Now he's trying to get us all turned into craters again. I swear, he must be on the board of directors for Faulcon de Lacy and he's making a mint! :D



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Intriguing! I've promoted this in "Best of Forum" for ya!

P.S. you might want to check the OP using the Official Frontier forum theme ... pale grey text on a white background!
Best of Forum? Also thanks! Too much drafting between me and Erimus, all fixed now
Assuming it is 73.05ly WITH the FSD Booster (and we won't need injections as that is bugged atm) I can probably join up for this... if PS4 CMDRs are able to.
I'm in! Even if it will have to be multi-crew as my Lakon Type 6 is still nosing slowly out from Colonia and back to Sol. And has a 27 ly jump range. I think Cmdr Isokix will be offering a cosy seat.
According to the patch notes this morning, that's been fixed. Haven't tested it though.
Ah, cool. Stripped down my Anaconda to just one SRV yesterday to see what I could get with my old lightweight engineering (after fully upgrading my AspX and ExploraCorvette I am pretty tapped out on resources). Managed to get just under 77ly.

I suppose one question I do have then is IF we need injections, how many? Don't have a lot of Lv3 ones atm and doubt I have time to farm before Sunday.


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UPDATE! There is a small tiny hidden neutron star that escaped my notice and it seems that it's reachable with 62ly range. Takes a bit of the specialness out of this, but let's do it anyway for reasons mentioned.
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