[DW2] The Event Horizon Science Relay & The DSSV Distant Worlds

The Event Horizon Science Relay


As a tier reward earned during the second Distant Worlds 2 Community Goal, held as the Explorer's Anchorage in March 3305, the Event Horizons Science Relay has now been deployed around planet CD 1 of Stuemeae FG-Y d7561.

The DSSV Distant Worlds


"Dedicated to the DW2 fleet who built it, we are very proud to announce the launch of the DSSV Distant Worlds megaship, and we look forward to its maiden voyage as it embarks on its Journey of Scientific Study around the galactic core".

The megaship will follow a flight-path based on the following Pilots Federation (FDEV) stipulations;

It should visit no more than 6 locations during its tour
It should travel no further than 1,500 LYs max distance from the Explorer’s Anchorage
Each hyperjump cannot exceed 500 LYs
Each jump will occur on a fortnightly basis (update July 20th: this seems to be a weekly jump schedule now)
The final jump will be its return to the Explorer's Anchorage, whereupon the tour will begin again
On your first visit to the itinerary system where the megaship is currently located, you will need to do a system scan for it to show up in your nav panel

This megaship will be based out of the Explorer's Anchorage, and will periodically conduct a Journey of Scientific Study during its travels between the following galactic core POIs;

Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 (Explorer's Anchorage)​
Binary Star System​
Sagittarius A*​
Supermassive Black Hole​
Myriesly HR-N E6-3640 (Jocelyn's Star)​
Neutron Star​
Myriesly CL-P E5-7383 (Storms of Fenrisulfur)​
Notable Stellar Phenomena​
Myriesly HR-N E6-4354 (Blink of an Eye Remnant)​
Notable Stellar Phenomena​
Phua Aub VM-W D1-91 (Merrill's Legacy)​
S-Class Carbon Star​

Jump #1 [3 LYs]
Explorer’s Anchorage to Sagittarius A*

Jump #2 [490 LYs]
Sagittarius A* to Myriesly HR-N E6-3640 (Jocelyn's Star)

Jump #3 [275 LYs]
Myriesly HR-N E6-3640 (Jocelyn's Star) to Myriesly CL-P E5-7383 (Storms of Fenrisulfur)

Jump #4 [208 LYs]
Myriesly CL-P E5-7383 (Storms of Fenrisulfur) to Myriesly HR-N E6-4354 (Blink of an Eye Remnant)

Jump #5 [372 LYs]
Myriesly HR-N E6-4354 (Blink of an Eye Remnant) to Phua Aub VM-W D1-91 Planet 1 (Merrill's Legacy)

Jump #6 [326 LYs]
Phua Aub VM-W D1-91 Planet 1 (Merrill's Legacy) to Explorer’s Anchorage

Ooh, very nice! I was expecting just a static megaship. This is a nifty way to highlight some of the local sights, since the devs seem not to want to scatter too many tourist beacons in the area.

They said it wouldn't be, but I'd imagine someone will be by to check soon enough. FWIW, EDDB and Inara don't know about it yet, which does suggest non-dockable.
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