[DW2-WP4 EVENT] Formation Flight Training (for would-be instructors)

Event: Formation Flight Training (for would-be instructors)
Organizer: Corbin Moran


Placing a circle inside a circle (video)

Connecting circles (video)

Boosting through a double loop (video)

  • This event is aimed at those of you who would like to get serious with formation flying and potentially set up your own events at future basecamps.
  • During the two hour session we will start with formation flight basics and do some simple maneuvers in a tight formation. You will get some experience learning just how much pitch you must apply to get that Anaconda of yours with undersized thrusters through a loop while maintaining a steady distance to the rest of the formation. At the end of the session we will try out more advanced maneuvers.
  • During the session we will also look at formation flight logistics - which roles must be delegated and stuff like that.

Date & Time:
  • Three events on Saturday, February 9th
  • 09:00 UTC (European morning and Oceania evening) - Current number of sign-ups: 6
  • 16:00 UTC (European afternoon and US early morning) - Current number of sign-ups: 14
  • 19:00 UTC (European evening and US morning/day) - Current number of sign-ups: 20 (FULL)
  • Each of the three events will probably last a few hours and it is highly recommended to be there from the beginning.

Event Location:
  • GeoSite #31 some 300 km from WP4 base camp.
  • Event will take place in the FleetComm player group.

  • PC

  • We will be using the FleetComm discord for voice comms (microphone required for this event).
  • Look for the voice channel named “Wing 1 (No PTT)”

  • No previous experience with formation flight is required, but situational awareness and a steady hand on the stick are important qualities for a formation pilot.
  • All ship types are welcome (we once had a T9 lead a formation at Beagle Point…).

  • Sign-up prior to the event IS required.
  • Sign up by replying here in this thread.
  • Please indicate if you will take part in the 09:00 UTC, 16:00 UTC or 19:00 UTC event. (NOTE: 19:00 event is now full)

Max number of participants to each of the three events is 20 people (so a maximum of 60 people in total). Formation flight gets really tricky with more than 20 people in a session and we don´t have enough experienced instructors around to host several sessions at the same time - which is why we are having this particular event. If you don´t get a spot this time around, rest assured that there will be another chance to do formation flying at wp5 - perhaps even hosted by some of the new instructors from this event.

So far we have never had any accidents, but formation flying involves an element of increased risk - it is part of the fun and the thrill. By taking part in this event you accept the increased risk of losing your ship and respawning in a station many thousand LYs away.

How NOT to arrive if you are late to the event :)

Looking forward to threading some loops with you :D


UPDATE: Have added a third event at 16:00 UTC

UPDATE 2: Happy to announce that DW2 fleet mechanics will be on site for each of the three events. (Not that anything could possibly go wrong... ;) )
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o7 Imperial Cutter ready for both events.
Minor experience with formation flying.
Ingame nick: Dr.Nagi
Will be streaming/filming for the Distant Radio channels.
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