Distant Worlds II Event DW2 XBOX edition

Heat sinks, fuel scoop and a surface scanner are a must. Scarab is cool. Make your ship light weight as poss, d rate everything apart from thrusters and maybe power plant. Leave weapons at home (more weight saved) although a small pulse laser for alien interaction and a chaff launcher for the same.
All ready for the off, just waiting on my PG invite as well. Really hope it comes before this evening as I was looking forward to seeing lots of us together to start the journey. .
I see the PG "Distantworldsxb" in my friends/PG list but when I try to start a game in PG it says "you do not have an active private group"
Is this normal, can we join in game early or will the group not be active until official start time?
Xbox launch feedback...

Ok, we destroyed Frontier. Sorry about that.

Surprisingly, it looks like 11,000 commanders all jumping from the same system at the same time was a little too much for the servers to handle. There was a simultaneous crash over all platforms.

Fleetcomm Discord pretty much exploded, and there are backlogs of hundreds of pages of people trying to join the PGs ten minutes before launch. We believe that the servers should be back soon, if not already.

There were no initial reports of griefing in the XB PG, but no doubt there will be some. So far it appears as if everyone had a semi-successful launch FROM the DW1 beacon. Most people generally heading in the right direction. Epic.

Overall, it went as expected.
It was great.. really, even with the temp glitch, it was fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics/videos of the start.
left aaaalll by myyyseeeelfff………"oceanias" time isn't even good for me.....three hours time past my bedtime, no server problems:)
I arrived to Pallaeni an hour late for American launch with some fresh paint still drying on my ship having squeezed in a few last minute engineering mod tweaks. Then I proceeded to crash hard on the View, bringing my hull down to 26%, oops lol. Luckily a nice commander Redwaiv was nearby with Repair Limpets. I met a few more commanders and saw several around the View. It was fun and a good start to a new adventure for me in Elite Dangerous, my first foray into multiplayer (I’ve played solo for 2 years).
I am really looking forward to this as well. I've been playing elite solo and just casually on and off for the last two years. It was not until about a month ago that I finally passed the 300ly threshold from the starting point.
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