Dwarf T.Rex gene modification

A lot of people have been asking for movie related stuff in the game and I think I've came up with an idea that allow players to incooperate one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic media without actually making direct reference to it (even though the T.Rex from JP3 wasn't exactly a unique character to begin with).

If you don't know by now the juvenile T.Rex from Jurassic Park III was a very small boy, 14 ft tall to be exact. But what if there were a way to incooperate the smallness of that T.Rex into the game with a dwarf T.Rex gene mod?

Aesthetically what this gene does is hatches a Tyrannosaur which is roughly the size of the Vanilla Spinosaurus with a brand new striped pattern.


• The dwarf Rex is substantially faster than the ordinary Rex, this being it's running speed, walking speed and mabye even hunting speed.

• It's environmental requirements would be 1/3 smaller than the original T.Rex's requirements due to it's smaller size and smaller amount of territory needed.

• The base rating would remain the same as an ordinary T.Rex since in the public eye a T.Rex is a T.Rex.

• It's comfort threshold would be larger than an ordinary Rex allowing work with it to be much more easy going.


• Due to the modified Rex's small size it's base attack and defence stats are half of what an ordinary T.Rex's (callbacks to JP3)

• The life expectancy is substantially shorter than an ordinary Rex due to the heavily modified genes that the Rex has had added to it.

• The Rex's immunity to diseases is also little to none due to how heavily modified the Rex has been

• When this gene is applied to a Rex 25% viability is taken away from it in the incubation phase

Other stuff:

When I was thinking about this I wanted to think of something that incooperated multiple themes from Jurassic Media; from the genetic downgrades that Dr. WU mentioned in the Novel that he thought the common public would prefer over authentic dinosaurs, the small Rex from Jp3 and the genetic enhancements we see being used in Evolution.

TL;DR a smaller version of the Rex with smaller environment requirements whilst still retaining the rating of a Rex but it's made of glass and can easily get sick and die. High risk high reward essentially.

Size chart for the small green boy:

Lemme know what you think about this idea in the comments I guess.
If you're taking advice can I recommend that instead of using Ankies for your Ankie exhibit; use Crichtonsaurus with the vivd skin varient. They look much more simular to the JP3 Anks than the actual in game Anks.
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