DWE2 Exploration Music

I usually listen to Pandora, since I have an Echo on my side table right next to my couch. Benefit of playing on console :D I have listened to DR 3305 intermittently.Right now I'm on a Marshmello kick, but I listen to everything. I have very eclectic taste in music.
BTW, all of the embedded videos in this thread that were posted in the old forum will either need to be updated to the new embedding code, or otherwise wontinue to leave it as an exercise for the reader to copy/paste the link out of it. :D I'll probably fix mine.

EDIT: I see that several people have already been fixing them. Yay!
Woke up in my bunk in the Commander's suite. Got breakfast from the ships stores. Coffee. Mmmm... Wander up to the bridge, sit down in the Helm station, spool up the engines, lift off from this anonymous rock. Rings of the Gas giant cast a glow over the night side of the moon. Refresh course data, hop into supercruise, climb out of the gravity well, point towards the next jump point. Hmm... still not QUITE awake yet.

Hit play on the following. BOOM. Oh yeah. NOW I'm awake and ready to do some more jumping with the fleet! :D

Listening to Chris Hadfield's "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything" in audiobook. I know it's not music, but it's a good listen.

“I'll miss the sea, but a person needs new experiences. They jar something deep inside, allowing him to grow. Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”
I have a Pandora station built around "Two Steps From Hell." Legendary movie soundtracks, etc. Pops up Lord of the Rings music, remastered Halo, Pirates of the Carribbean, etc. AND 2SFH, ofc.
Warning, this playlist is subject to mine own stupidities:
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lur-SGl3uw8&list=PL7ZYyNeuWYsKAYH7CzUH0K5sTxRxbppIH

On my way to BP and well on my way to being drunk. It's all in good fun, either way. :giggle:

Someone should sticky this thread though, even if a troll mongering PVPer started it. :p;) o7


Click on link to go to the full YouTube playlist. Works well on the hi-fi with stereo surround, but not so much Dolby/DTS with each channel isolated, but use your ad blocker or YouTube Red. Personally, I do not support ads, just content creators. Use your own judgment there as you best see fit. 🤘

And yeah, I own most of this on CD albums and/or vinyl, but naturally can not distribute form them. 440 watts, and I'm lucky my neighbors are cool.
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So many dead Commanders in the black. Pouring this out on your graves...


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