General / Off-Topic E:D ships in fan-fic help (Update)

Now, I Already asked this earlier, BUT, I'm asking it again because there were some things that I misunderstood about my friend's character, a few weeks ago, and so, would want an "update".

Anyway, (at least) half of the specifics are the same as the last one, might as well give a reminder of them, as well as what new "specifics" a suitable ship would be:

Medium or Large Ship: As she'd be the leader of a 6-"man" team, including herself, she'd probably need a bigger ship to accommodate the size of her team. Plus that she'd want each of the member's cabins to have some class/quality. (such as that each of the members' cabins, the size of a studio-apartment (which I thought was TOO big) or a hotel room.)
(Oh, and as for "quality", she was a bit vague about that, but she wanted to at least give her "men" better rooms than herself, such as Business or First Class Cabins, while my friend herself would have Economy or Business Class respectively. The 2 latter would've been included with the ship, and doesn't take up any Optional Slots)

Above average Jump Range: so she can at least keep up with the (contract) target whenever "it" tries to escape from her.

Supports SLF Hangars: Either in case her ship's under attack, or that she's on a Stealth mission, where the main ship would fly as close to the target building as possible, and then launch a SLF (which would have a smaller signature) to move at least a little closer before landing somewhere where she can hide the SLF too.

Survivability: Because of that her team are (likely) flying the bigger ships, they're likely gonna be lacking in maneuverability, and would try to "outtank" her attackers while, as I said, inflicting enough damage to scare their aggressors away. The ship should either be 50~50 (Shield + Hull) or Hull Focused to save Power Plant capacity for other stuff.

Turret Coverage: Ties in with the Survivability part. She doesn't like flying the ships herself, but one of her team members would be the pilot too, and if they're forced to fight, she probably wouldn't want to just sit and wait for the fight to "blow over", and thus use the turrets and help her SLF pilots, and should (either) have enough DPS to at least scare away her aggressors, or focus on Sustained DPS

Aesthetics: She was more vague about this one, as she only said that she wanted a "nice ship", and would still let me decide which one she'd use, so this one's more of an "option". Anyway, if possible: try to aim for an "average looking" ship, or better.

In short, the ship would be Medium-Sized, or Large-Sized, and like I said in the last post, the ship would primarily be used for utility and transport, and in combat, (especially the Large ones) would focus on tanking the shots, and Turrets+Sustained DPS Focus.

For "The Big 4" (OR, "The Big 3" + Type-10), at least the Fed. Corvette are likely NOT suitable for their needs. Although MAYBE a Beluga Liner could work as well, as it may be less conspicuous. But IF they aren't "famous" enough to afford one, and keep up with the Rebuy Cost/"maintenance cost", any suggestion for alternatives?

Heat Efficiency was cut as it turned out that she was the more "moral" kind of Assassins, and at worst, are (assumingly) only frowned upon with "local authority", anyway, as a result, Silent Running wouldn't be as important this time as the last question.
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