Early Access Bugs

After 3 days of playing the game on 1.3 i can say i love it, but there are a lot of things wrong

the weather conditions change instant: i can understand the track can get wet fast, but when its going to dry how in the world is it dry from 2 mm to 0 mm in 1 lap. F1 manager 22 did this better but i prefer even slower to make it realistic.

AI crashes make no sense. The penalty's go to the wrong driver and when theres a big accident there are alot of VSC.

I have done 13 races and am busy with research for the next season. the only problem is that seems useless and doesnt work at all. After a research is complete i get the email with no benefits on car research. its literally 0. when looking at the board for the over rules and regulation changes it seems that the research went to default. this means that all the manual changes and windtunnel hrs were wasted for no reason. i even think its not possible to do multiple researches but this doesnt change the fact you cannot focus on developing the car for the next season. This is the biggest problem with getting a backmarker to the front. i also have yet to see what the effects are on the AI since im just half way through my season.

Besides research stats and despite being patched. the visual car stats in car analyses changes sometimes but reset and after a race. i dont know what causes this but its very weird when i keep go from 9th car to 15th car and back.

The stat acceleration is mostly based of engine and effects the cornering exit speed, i think. the mercedes and alphine acceleration are so low they make big gaps which are very visible in the beginning of the race. This is very visible to the players team. there is something weird and i dont know what is exactly wrong. but getting the acceleration stats higher is 0,02 max with each update, whilst redbull have a 0,42 advantage over williams.

i really hope this feedback does well and i want to play this game for at least 300 more hrs.
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