Early access Space Legs

We know space legs is a love, hate relationship, right now ...but an idea....

What we have ...

We all have avatars that we can kit out --- What we need is mechanical developed walking system from ED for our avatars?

We have Stations, Ports, Bases, Guardian Beacons,Landing sites currently in game, you know those places we can watch !! but not interact with (Still)

We have interiors for our ships we have all seen them loads of teaser trailers, VR and each time we look around in the camera suite.

What could work...

Once ED have completed the mechanical developed walking system for our avatars, we could freely start with a walk around the above mentioned all "Internal" to start with or even a separate beta testing time period to go through issues and bugs accordingly. This would more than likely involve EX amount of months and a committed team to work on it.

We would have access to walk around our ship, walk around a set zone inside a station much like camera suit, Have access to star ports, Guardian beacons, once an interior is made of course, and other bases that we can only look at and not interact with, which seems like a waste of design effort by simply look but cant touch or interact policy!

This would be a work in progress beta of sorts in a lead up to space legs, at some point ?, Maybe even a zone outside your ship once in space, we already have most of these mechanics in place along with the camera suite A restricted zone.

This would be something to keep the community busy and active instead of lets face it the frustration and what seems let down on content of late.

Space legs would either be something similar to this or generally a long wait away, either way ED need something to help the community from despair at the continuing bugs, glitches and other issues which we have been waiting for for far to long.
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