[EMPIRE] East India Company Gaming is recruiting

East India Company Gaming is looking for new Commanders who want to join us in our support of the Empire and help us spread our message of free trade across the galaxy.

We run a trading post for rare goods that allows PC players to bypass some of the grind for unlocking engineers where we ask Commanders to pay us in Imperial Slaves (or 'volunteers' as we like to call them) in return for rare goods like Lavian Brandy, Xihe Companions and Painite, among other goods.

Basically if it unlocks an engineer in the main bubble we sell it. (not Colonia engineers currently)

However, the Trading Post is not a mandatory activity for members. We are also active on the BGS side, PVP, PVE, mission running, exploration. Xeno Hunting etc.

In fact you name it we do it.

So whether you are a brand new player who just started or a veteran there is something for everyone.

We are a diverse group of people from around the world who treat each other with respect and maturity. We help new members and new players alike as we are a group that is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Elite Dangerous and always there for advice or assistance if you need it.

If you wish to join or just check us out then please go to https://eicgaming.com/

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