Economy and Security status sliding scales

Hello Cmdrs

I've been searching and found not much on the sliding scales for economy and security. For example:

For the faction 'The Dark Wheel' the Economy marker in on the 'Investment' part of the scale and the security marker is just about on the none part of the scale. However, For the factoin 'Los Chupacabras' the Economy marker on on what would be hte Boom part of the scale for 'The Dark Wheel', but it claims it is on the None par of the scale, and it shows at cross hatched. Also, for 'Los Chupacabras' the Securit status marker is on what would be 'Civil Liberty' for 'The Dark Wheel', but is also showing as None withc cross hatched marking on that part of the scale.

Are the scales different for each faction? What do the cross hatch markings mean? I was under the impression that the sliding scales for Economy and Security were measured the same for all factions. So, why the difference.

Can someone please explain, because I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance Cmdrs! o7 to all.
First. The state can lag a few days behind the slider.
Second. The mysterious hatching has no actuate meaning. Several suggestions seem close, but never actually fully explain it.
Scale is linked to system pop. Hatching, I have no clues also. i would say it is leaning toward the state below.
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