ED: Looking for Friends?

I'm new to this whole xbox live thing I used to play on pc but xbox is easier to play due to my back injury anyway everyone feel free to msg me anytime I'm from new Jersey so I look forward to hearing from you all just like to chill talk maybe do something
GT: Klaminite
I'm currently looking for commanders who are in need of a squadron, Or just some people to play with. My friends and I are currently building up a squadron by the name of "NASA" it's not fully fleshed out yet but we want to have a squadron that gives commanders a lot more to do than than what's already offered. Send me a message or look up the squadron if you're interested I think it will be a ton of fun.
GT: CTtheWalrus

Just looking for a couple of wing mates possibly. US central time. Played Elite since the beginning on PC now on XBOX, I dabble in a bit of everything, just have never winged up with anyone. 34yo dad, work nights, take care of the family so my gaming time is a bit sporadic.
Hello Commanders.

I've decided to create a thread dedicated for finding friends to those who wish to aquire new friendships in the vast darkness of space, space can be lonely sometimes and what isn't a better way to experience the Elite Dangerous universe than with friends.

Just leave your name below and add the players who has left their name before you.

Fly Safe

ONE Founder
Haha im not sure if thats a good idea for me to do cuz it would be one hell of a pay day for whoever achieved claiming my bounties cuz there to high for me to wanna pay them off. That sort of attention would be something nobody could resist.
GT: Silvorwulf
I play open or private, doesn't really matter to much to me. I got a few friends who play with me every so often but I find myself playing elite more and more, especially since the new mining was added. Hoping to find other players to mine or chill with. Also been interested in starting a player made faction but still unsure.
Chaps, pls always include yar time zone, more than happy to add players (not fer robbing ya, guaranteed :D ).

My GT is same as the signature, time zone is Italy (GMT +1).
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Gamertag EXE Sasser (Same as forum name)

Trader and currently exploring.

Had my hand at pvp yet retired from it.

Feel free to add on Xbox.

UK player. Blunt and straight to the point so I apologise if I offend. Just saying XD
East Coast, USA (I think that makes me GMT-4)

I play some evenings and a couple of hours on the weekends. Mostly in the black at the moment trying to unlock my first guardian modules and elite exploration. Love the game and would like contact with people to multicrew and/or 'wing up' with.
Hello cmdrs! I’m looking for new and old pilots to Elite Dangerous that would be interested in joining together or squad up.

I’m combat Elite and fly a corvette.
Squad: Soldiers in Arms

Currently no mic but will have one soon.

Message my GT: Black Dogs92

Also if anyone wants to duke it out in the Arena..Hit me up!
If you wanna give PvP a shot, follow the link in my signature.

You don't have to be an ace in a fully engineered ship to start learning.

Come hang out, yo.
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