ED: Odyssey roadmap released (Xbox release delayed until autumn 2021)


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I remember when the UK was the centre of the gaming world, but now it just seems like a laughing stock.
I wouldn't go that far. Under the difficult global circumstances a delay is understandable, even inevitable. Elite is trying to do what it's taken Star Citizen hundreds of millions of pounds and 9 years to get wrong.
What's difficult is such a long delay between PC and console release. Being 're-prioritised' like that does feel like being kicked when you're down.
They certainly could have done a much better job at managing expectations. Why have they waited until now to release this news instead of feeding the hype train? I’m gutted TBF, would have been an easier pill to swallow if they’d at least said from the outset that PC were going to get it first but that’s not even been hinted at.
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Absolutely disappointing. Partly because of the delay itself, partly because it doesn't guarantee that the console release will be any better (there is no news on console Alpha or Beta), and partly because it can very well be delayed even further into 2022. It's clear that this is not about any bad intention from Frontier (the world is in a very bad state right now) but it's just as disappointing regardless. Not anyone's fault of course. It is what it is.

Gameplay-wise, PC commanders will be at an advantage purely because of the half year head-start. We will have a hard time finding undiscovered planets, or making "first step" on a planet in and around the bubble by the time the console version of Odyssey is released. Also, after so many years I really thought that development was now fully multi-platform. It is especially annoying to see that Frontier ditches console players as soon as difficulties arise, like as if we're dead weight in such a circumstance. I really don't mind when something is delayed, I even support it most of the time if it leads to more quality results. But separating platforms and differentiating between players is not cool, especially now that the videogame industry is slowly but surely going for a platform-agnostic approach (see cross-platform multiplayer, etc). I really thought Elite CMDRs were Elite CMDRs regardless of their device. Now it's clear that consoles are a burden only and they hold back the development, at least they're treated as such. And while even this could be understood to a degree, I see other developers adapting to the new reality much more efficiently, barely affecting their development pipeline in some cases.

In short, I thought we were all in this together. PC, PlayStation, Xbox, it didn't matter, we were all Commanders. And if a delay occured we would be in that together as well. Now I feel we're not, console players are second-class citizens (no pun intended).

Again, no hard feelings towards the developers. I have all my respect to Frontier as they're nurturing my favourite game, and I understand the current situation. I'm just utterly, utterly disappointed.
the potential advantage PC will have on things like BGS & 1st boot on planet tags
That's not quite relevant.
I started ED at the end of 2018 - and guess what... lots of the nicest things are already tagged

Now generaly speaking, ED came late on XB and even later on PS (Horizons too)
Their main income is from PC - so it's only natural the PC gets the main focus.

nothing to be frustrated about.

The only thing i really want its a damn XBox Series X 😒
Disappointed like everyone else, but we do have a pandemic in the UK, kids are not even going to school right now.

FD delay all the time its nothing new, it hurts them more financialy, just going to have to wait.

I do think more delays all around will come.
Disappointed, but it is what it is. Not that surprised to be honest considering what's going on these days.

People mention spoilers - spoilers for what? How the new guns work? What settlements do what? Best suits to wear? I call those game mechanics which would be posted all over the internet on the day of release, even if Odyssey was deployed on all platforms on release day.

I doubt if the 'narrative' is going to be spoiled by PC getting the content 6 months early. Now, if any part of the upcoming narrative features CGs which require PC/Odyssey DLC, then yeah, then its open letter time. :mad:

In the mean time, for me at least, Game Pass is calling. No shortage of other games to play, my backlog is beyond silly. As for Elite, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the console release of Odyssey was pushed back to 2022, especially if we go beyond 3 COVID lockdowns in the UK.
which is what I thought but according to some posting on the other thread its a 50/50 user base?
No, it's like 75-80% versus 25-20% (with the latter combining XB+PS) - totaling 4 millions accounts
AND without counting the other 8 millions PC accounts that were gotten for free from Epic Store.

If we add everything up, it's like 11 millions PC accounts and 1 million consolers

Sure that does not mean that all those accounts are played.
Some estimations were done in the summer and it came to about 200k - 300k active accounts (as in played at least once every 2-4 weeks), maybe a bit more.
After the Epic influx those numbers increased some, for sure
So annoyed by this but hardly surprised. Pandemic aside, console players have always been treated as second class since the launch on xbox. Frontier later promised parity of the updates which they have now chosen to renege upon. The fact that they are also showing no interest in the new generation speaks volumes too. This is despite the fact that both these consoles will out perform all but the highest end PCs. So i ask frontier why the console discrimination. The consoles are clearly an afterthought. Are they also going to suspend first footfall tags or are the PC players going to get first dibs on those as well? Makes me want to give this game a miss which is a shame since i have spent a fair bit of cash in the store and have played since the xbox GPP release.
I wouldn't go that far. Under the difficult global circumstances a delay is understandable, even inevitable. Elite is trying to do what it's taken Star Citizen hundreds of millions of pounds and 9 years to get wrong.
What's difficult is such a long delay between PC and console release. Being 're-prioritised' like that does feel like being kicked when you're down.
Thats the issue i have not that PC comes first as it pretty much always has. Its the length of the delay, which frankly seems insulting to console players.
I'll add my name to the 'annoyed' list. Not only is it a lower difficulty setting for PC players, due to the extra tools and many input options they enjoy. Hence, it's far easier for a PC player to kill a Thargoid than it is for a Console player - now they're giving them a head start before they'll let us in. I think any reasonable person would agree - the way Console players are being treated is taking it a bit too far...
Maybe the console versions just need a bit more time to get them running at a decent level?

I was obviously really looking forward to it sooner rather than later, but if it needs a bit more work, well that's fine by me.

If anybody (who is probably a bit of an Elite Dangerous explorer / trader rather than combat) wants a very good game to play while they wait, may I suggest 'Snowrunner'.

Thats my #1 tip for taking your mind off Odyssey for a bit.

Oh an also carry on playing Elite Dangerous too of course, just because Odyssey is delayed doesn't mean you should file for divorce just yet...
Well ths is obviously massively disappointing but not unexpected. We would love
1. Crossplay
2. Bugs addressed and fixed
3. An upscaled version for the new generation hardware (series X/Ps5)
4. Details on the ability to preorder and acquire the pioneer skin
5. Info on whether HOTAS players have their control inputs taken into account
6. A way for the 'first footfall' to be fair to all platforms.

Most of these have been posted multiple times with no response. What we have received.

1. A massive kick in the goolies.

We understand this situation is challenging and beyond your control but please do not underestimate the chasm that is opening between the desires of your player base and what we are being told we are receiving. It saps the goodwill that frontier has been recently creating by being more open and engaging. The only way I can think of to help you is to be more open and especially with us console second-class citizens to communicate more directly. Thank you
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