ED PS4: Looking for Friends

PSN Alerta--Antifa

Looking for a few people to meet around the galaxy wing up, multicrew, CQC and looking to start a player faction to try and add a bit more gameplay. Feel free to add.
Sorry but ineed to ask.

I’m a 43 years old newbie (even if I play elite from C64 time, and I own elite dangerous from the very day one on the pc) butsince the release of horizon I had to quit playing on the pc to move on the ps4(my pc had heavy performance issue from horizon release) question is:

Since I pausedplaying on PS4 due to an house moving (internet still not up and running, I’musing a smartphone wifi bridge by a month now) I’ve encountered almost no one.

Deffo thereare a lot less players on PS4 than PC I assume?

I really would like to fly in a wing from time to time although I have no freetime due to work/family obvious issues and also I’ve never used the multicrewthing, I really would like to try it.

So I don’tlike to ask or beg, but anyway if someone is interested in sharing some timewith me (in the same or similar timezone… I’m in Italy) I’m here.

I just started playing today but can already tell I'll be around for a while. So very new but eager and should be on a lot for at least the next month or so.

I'll start adding at least a good handful of you tomorrow if you've already posted.
psn: zyrocco

I'm French, playing from times to times, and rarely more than 2 hours in a row, started few month ago. today I'm more combat mission oriented (in fact, never tried mining) SVR I tried once but never found anything, I need to take time to see how it works but I'm lazy ;)

Beloved ship: Cobra MK3, I just left it to a Federal Assault ship, will see how it goes...

Home base: Diaguandri

See you around!
PSN: IotaCancri

Amateur explorer\Vagabond space trucker. I fly an Asp Explorer for the big windows and I carry no hardpoints so I can carry extra beer on long journeys. Planning a trip to Sagittarius A some time soon, companion\s for the trip would be nice.
PSN Cherog72

Explorer elite
Trade elite
Combat dangerous

Play out of AUS east coast. Happy to sing up but going on dw2 shortly so be in void
PSN FluffyLidarz_36

Recently changed from Xbone ED to PS galaxy
100% Flight Assist off Pilot with 1900+ hours on PC and Xbone using Controller
New profile so harmless ranks
GMT +12
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