ED PS4: Looking for Friends

PSN: Magnificent_Mr_P

Got into this game about 3 weeks ago and am totally hooked.

Looking to find CMDR's to form a Wing and Explore / Bounty Hunt / Engineer / Attack Thargolds

Feel free to add me Misterjof_77

Would be good to have some company in space!

I get massively socially anxious about talking to people online for some reason (although not IRL!) l. Guess I'm just a bit weird!

Loving just pootling around in my Cobra MK3 atm.

I'm in UK and have a wife and child so the family idiot box generally becomes available about 10pm!
Join a Facebook group about ps4 (or even better, about the game you wanna play), most groups do this pinned posts from time to time, where you put in a comment some basic info about you, your id (or whatever they need to add u on ps4, I don’t really play consoles, but I play some online computer games where they do this), what type of games you play, the time zone and hour you usually play, so you can find ppl to play with.
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