ED PS4: Looking for Friends

Got back on after the recent black hole hype and just made it to Sag A today. Up for running about in wings and for multiplayer trophy stuff when I get back. Add me if you like :).
Based in Scotland so UK hours normally. PSN: VivaElbonia.
Alliance commander, currently in the bubble collecting mats for the engineering yawnfest.

GMT timezone

add PSN: coded_s

Feel free to add me Misterjof_77

Would be good to have some company in space!

I get massively socially anxious about talking to people online for some reason (although not IRL!) l. Guess I'm just a bit weird!

Loving just pootling around in my Cobra MK3 atm.

I'm in UK and have a wife and child so the family idiot box generally becomes available about 10pm!

I just started a few weeks ago, just hanging around the Elavate system at the moment before I get enough credits to buy a good ship and upgrades. Not married just yet but it feels like it...

My PSN is chrissue
Cmdr Dydd37 around Eravate. Been playing for 2 weeks in solo and still learning. My play times are flexible but mainly evenings EDT.
PSN is Dydd37
PSN: rad_pi

Looking to help miners find void opals/diamonds more efficiently. Krait with pulse, prospect, abrasion blaster, but still overkill for NPC pirates.
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