ED VR - upgrade thoughts - Rift CV1 to Rift S

oh crap. that's a shame.
Passthrough looks very odd and grainy. It's great for seeing where you are in the room, but detail like letters are really hard to see. You'd be leaning over and would still be better off pulling the headset off, if you don't know how to type by feel.
On the other hand, the headset is easy to slide on and off!
oh crap. that's a shame.
Recall issued on my previous information!

I’ve just had a quick try over lunchtime - with my keyboard symbols illuminated, I have to get within 12inches or so before I can just about resolve them. Getting closer makes them quite clear but due to the composite nature of the image, the keyboard and my hands looked a bit weird, like there were a few ripples in reality and depth perception was off.

With the keyboard backlight off, I had to get a couple of inches closer which then induced the composite image problems.

Tested with ED - you can select the Galaxy map search box, pop into PassThrough to type, then back into the game because I’d forgotten the next letter/number sequence, back into PassThrough, repeated until the Galactic address was complete.
Well I have to admit, Microsoft are REALLY dropping the ball here in adopting console VR - Playstation are raking in a couple of billion a year.
Maybe the next gen XBone will have something then you can moan with the rest of us.
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