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Thank you - this worked fine! Yet - the file 'options.txt' is mentioned nowhere, according to the docs you linked it works with command line options. Maybe the wiki should be updated. Using the link on my desktop (for starting EDDiscovery) I could have also added the command line options - but with the file it works better.

Thank you!
It's stated there:

Options are read from both the EDDiscovery command line and from:

- bla
-options.txt if present and located in the same folder as the application install folder of EDDiscovery.exe
-options.txt if present and located in the application data folder (default %LOCALAPPDATA%\EDDiscovery)
- blubb
Hey guys/gals....

How would I create a voice script to only tell me whether a body is terraformable, and scan values, with absolutely nothing else? Can the addon voice packs be edited beyond what's available through the menu configuration options. I'm currently getting the requested information with the add on voice pack I selected, but there's also a lot of other stuff I have no interest in hearing.
Have you used the configuration voice menu - you can cut a lot of it out there.
I have tried using the voice configuration menu to only get terraformable info but have failed.
To be able to edit the voice script would be a great idea to get rid of all the noise that you don't require.
There is an option at the the top of the configuration page for "Speech file". What is this?
I think my database is getting too big to handle.
My EDDUser.sqlite is near 500000 kB, EDD is using more than 2 GB of RAM (I have plenty of RAM left, so that's not a problem).
The UI of EDD is getting slower every day, using the search function at the history tab is in vain (I just tried to search for 'Jaques' and EDD became unresponsible), switching between tabs takes half a minute, opening menus also takes several seconds.
I already did the 'Delete/Rebuild System DB' on start up and deleted all add-ons.
Limiting the time shown at the history tab to one week or less does speed up the UI a bit, but cuts the search function to the last week.

Is there anything I can do?
Is there any way to add a column to the Materials List to indicate if that material is set to "Ignore"? (I don't know if that is flagged in the journal entries.) I ask as the "Ignore List" is a subject that came up in the Newcomer's Forum and I am sure elsewhere too.
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Another request:

I don't use the "Note" field in the History view - can we please stop it deciding to revert to taking-up half the page from time to time - i.e. make our layout stick more reliably. (I'd like to hide / remove that column totally but can't see a way to do so.)
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