Release EDLaunchPad: ED Launcher for multiple CMDR Accounts

Here is a little tool I wrote to manage multiple CMDR's. (Yes you still need to BUY multiple accounts/licenses).

I have two accounts (CMDRs) but I also have two ED Installs. One install is configured for my Samsung Odyssey (Steam) and one install is configured for my Rift (Oculus). If I want to be able to play either CMDR in either environment, that means I need to create and manage 4 total launchers (and the associated shortcuts).

1. CMDR "A" (Steam)
2. CMDR "A" (Oculus)
3. CMDR "B" (Steam)
4. CMDR "B" (Oculus)

"EDLaunchPad" is not particularly fancy, but:
  • Supports up to 5 different "slots" (CMDRs). (This can be easily expanded if someone needs it...)
  • Automatically searches your system for valid launchers. (Search paths can be user updated in the INI).
  • Provides the opportunity to choose a specific launcher for each "slot" as your source launcher (if you have more than one ED install).
  • Custom Launchers are automatically copied, named, and installed in the proper source directories.
  • Launchers are named according the the slot position (i.e. "EDLaunch_Slot1.exe)
  • Editable Slot names/descriptions ("CMDR A - Oculus", "CMDR B - Steam", etc).
  • Can delete slot contents and re-create them as needed.
  • Doesn't alter your original source files (launchers)
  • Ini configured and driven (although you shouldn't NEED to modify the INI)
Please note that once you create a slot, you will manually have to log in ONCE using that slot and apply the Frontier verification code sent to you via email. Be sure to enable "Remember My Password". (This is simply how ED works the first time a "new" launcher is run). Once you do that, the launcher itself will remember your credentials and authorization.

Simply extract EDLaunchPad.exe and EDLaunchPad.ini to a directory of your choosing and create a desktop shortcut for the EXE. EDLaunchPad will automatically search for your default Launcher(s), help you create your first "slot", copy your Launcher(s) to the appropriate file names, and automatically keep the configuration INI up to date. It will even press "PLAY" for you when the launcher window pops up.

I built this for myself, but if anyone else finds it useful...great! Please let me know (reply to this thread) if you find it useful.

Note that the usual disclaimers apply: "The author does not guarantee the function of this product or that it serves any purpose whatsoever and will not be responsible for any bad things that happen with its use. Blah, blah, blah..."

Although this tool meets all of my personal requirements, feel free to make any suggestions which you think might make worthy additions... Please be gentle... ;-)


Features sound great but.. where's the source code? Sorry, but running an unknown executable which asks for Admin rights rings all sorts of alarm bells.

Does this launch the Oculus version "properly"; ie, so that you can pull application windows into VR space using Dash? So far I haven't been able to figure out how to do this for multiple commanders.
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