Discussion EDMC keeps asking to login.

Does anyone know a way to stop EDMC asking for login to Frontier? It does it when I start the the program, it does it when I start the game, and sometimes it does it during game, it can be annoying. Or is it supposed to do that?
I think it might be Canonn plugin. It keeps asking login when showing new articles. Anyone know how to turn it off? Says that add .disabled or something in file name, but doestn work. Would love the articles, but logging is nuisance.
Nope it wasnt the plugin. It keeps asking to log in pretty much always I do something at stations. Doesnt even help if im logged in the Frontier page while playing.
I also had a problem with EDMC a week ago. Data transfer to INARA did not work for me. This was patched by installing the latest version of EDMC. I think, Frontier Dev has been doing some journal upgrades due to Odyssey.
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