Release EDRefCard - makes a printable reference card of your controller bindings


Perhaps an exported profile from the VPC config tool, or VKB config tool, could be used in conjunction with the bindings file for complex controllers that can be rebound to different inputs. It would be a heck of a lot of work though, and I suspect it would take a very long time to implement.


There is no typo. I did use the following url:
That is a clone that I was not aware of and do not support. You'll note that it does not support HTTPS.

Since EDRefCard is open source under the MIT licence, such clones are technically allowed.

However I must say that cloning the site and adding graphics without contributing them back to the primary site is very bad manners at best.
Oh and for reference the beta server is, unsurprisingly,

1. both the live and beta servers have valid certificates for HTTPS and will always redirect to HTTPS.
2. The beta server may be reinitialized at any time without notice, deleting any saved configs on it.
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Sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't entirely legit.

I'll wait for the official site to support my hardware.

Thank you
I wouldn't be bothered if they (a) made it clear that they are a clone and (b) contributed back.

These days, the lack of HTTPS support is a red flag.

It is doubly unfortunate because if they had simply contributed their graphics via proper channels (a GitHub pull request) I would glady have entertained it.

If you are in touch with them, please indicate that that route is still open to them.
"You have a device that is not supported at this time. Please report details of your device by following the link at the bottom of this page supplying the reference "tzxjty" and we will attempt to add support for it."

I'm using an X-55 (shown correctly), and a Logitech G29 steering wheel + pedals.
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