Release EDSM - Elite Dangerous Star Map

And we all trust this software on PC? Forgive the paranoia, but a program that can upload a flight log can also upload sensitive documents, if it wanted to of course.

I'm considering it, but I'm a bit leery when it comes to adding random network-connected software to my computer.
If you're worried about uploading from your PC is it not possible to use the facility we XBOX and PS4 players use to download from the Frontier servers directly to EDSM? You'd just need to run the 'console updater' on your PC.
Every time I log out and then back in the box is checked and the green squares are back then I have to uncheck the box again, how do I get rid of them permanately?
Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with the developer?

I sent a PM to AnthorNet who is in charge of this thread, but I have not heard back from him.

I do not have any current friends in ED and I want to get rid of these friends markers. Unchecking the box does not work because it does not stay unchecked and the markers are back every time I sign back into EDSM.
Question: I have a route link that no longer works ( - was this removed and if so would it be possible to get a copy from archive?
I'm the author, I must have deleted it a while ago. Here's the route:

PM/add me here or on EDSM if something's not clear.
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